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R2sports has created the only online system that offers a sports organization everything they need packaged together as a complete system with tournament software, rankings, and memberships combined into one.

R2sports designed a cutting edge tournament management program to benefit everyone who is involved including the tournament directors, organization directors and staff, players, fans, media and sponsors. The membership application is being utilized as an invaluable management tool of daily operations for several associations, and the rankings system keeps track of all the match results automatically.

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Tournament Software

Directors can use the R2 Sports tournament software to simplify the process of running a tournament which will help save hours of time. This is a complete tournament software package that has been used to run several world championships, national, state / provincial, and local events. Works for any type of tournament!

Participants are able to register online and after the registration deadline, the director seeds brackets and sets match times. Tournament staff can manage a live event and update game scores. Results will appear in real time on the tournament website where fans, parents, and players can follow along.

Software tournament application

Software for Fantasy Bracket Picks

Software that copies a designated draw from an en event using the R2 Sports tournament software, then allows participants to register and fill out the brackets making their best bracket picks of who they think will win. Director sets a points system, then the participants ranking and point totals are automatically recalculated each time the director of main tournament updates a score.

Fantasy Bracket Software

Membership Managment System

The R2 sports membership application is a tool that sport organizations can use to track users. Administrators can setup groups for users, create membership types and give users different access levels.

Easily generate reports for system payments and activity history of users. Create courses and online tests that users can take to a achieve a certification.

Membership software

Rankings Systems

The rankings system automatically tracks player rankings using match result information from the league and tournament software database. Your rankings coordinator will no longer have to spend time manually tracking player rankings in using excel.

Website users can view their rankings and search rankings by various filter choices. Click on the linked playerís name in order to view their match history. Directors save time by pre-seeding brackets by ranking order

Ranking software

Broadcast Online Video

The league and tournament software has an upgrade option to allow directors to broadcast live events so fans and parents can watch the action online in real-time.

The on line streaming video player is embedded in the event website home page so it is easy to get scores and game updates and watch the video at the same time.

Live Streaming Sports

Challenge Ladder Software

The R2 sports ladder challenge software was developed to provide an easy way for players to meet others who compete at a similar skill level. The ladder ranking system is updated instantly after results are reported through the system.

The director sets up their sports ladder by selecting the options and rules that the players follow. Some of the rules include: How many spots can be challenged up, amount of time to respond to a challenge, and setting penalties for non-participation. The director can add players through the participants section, or players can register online themselves through the website.

There is no cost to setup a challenge ladder for your club, organization, or city.

View Challenge Ladder Screen Shots

League Managment Software

Use the R2 sports season and league software to take all the hassles out of managing your event. Save time when players and teams register and pay online. League directors can seed round robin league schedules and set game times. Staff members can update league scores through the director control panel.

Print and hand out league sheets to all the participants. Parents and fans can follow league results online and see the upcoming schedule. League directors can communicate with registered participants using the built-in email system. After the season is over, activate the league results so everyone can see the winners.

League manager system

Online Event Registration

The online registration system allows participants to sign up for an event online. The director sets the division pricing along with any early entry discounts or late fees that can be applied based on the timing of that the entry is placed.

Competitors can purchase additional items during the registration like an extra event t-shirt, banquet tickets, or make a donation.

To complete the entry, the registrant must make a payment by e-check or credit card, and a confirmation email receipt is sent to them after successfully entering.

Online registration system

Sports Websites

An event website is the perfect compliment to an existing associationís website. Having a programmer make changes to your tournament and league schedule is a thing of the past! The sport template website for your organization is customized to match the color scheme of your main site.

The site pulls information from the league and tournament software database to populate the pages. Live events, upcoming events, and recent result sections automatically get updated and events are displayed in their appropriate section based on the current date in relation to the date of the event.

The back-end content manager allows website administrators to modify text and upload photos without having to know html. Upload website sponsor images, feature players, show player rankings, create an image gallery, and manage a newsroom with archived articles.

Website association software

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