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R2sports basketball software creates a website where teams can enter online. The director can create and seed brackets and set the times for games. Results can be followed on the web in real time by participants and parents.

Basketball is a team sport played on a court with a basket at each end. The offense is the team that has possession of the ball and they dribble then try to shoot the basketball through the hoop and net to score. The defense tries to stop the other team from scoring by stealing the ball, blocking a shot, or rebounding a missed shot attempt. The defender may not hit the player during a shot or a foul is called. The team with the most points after four quarters of play is the winner.

Basketball Websites

If you have been searching for a basketball website to display event info and recent news, look no further. The events site uses the information in the tourney and league database to generate pages for the website. Anyone can upload new images and change page content without know htlm coding.

Basketball association website

Basketball League Management Software

The basketball league manager makes it easy to run a basketball season. After teams register for the league, the commissioner can easily generate league schedules. The basketball software is ideal for youth basketball seasons where participants can view all the information through the league website.

Basketball league manager

Basketball Ranking System

Looking for a basketball ranking system to keep track of team standings? The basketball tournament and league software both report game results to the ranking system after each event. Rankings and game history can be viewed through the event website.

Basketball ranking system

Basketball Tournament Software

The R2sports basketball tournament software allows directors to set game times and create tournament brackets. Teams can register online through the tournament website that is created through the tournament template setup. Use the accounting section to track the revenue and tournament payments.

Basketball tournament software

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