R2sports : Racket

Badminton League Manager
Use the badminton league application to manage players, generate badminton league schedules, and display results on the league website

Paddle Tennis League Manager

Paddleball League Manager

Pickleball League Manager

Racquetball League Manager
The Racquetball league software facilitates all the steps to running a racquetball league. Participants can follow the bracket results through the league website.

Squash League Manager
The Squash league software helps a league manager run a squash league. After players register, the director creates league charts and sets times for the matches.

Table Tennis League Manager
Once the director goes through the setup section, the ping pong league software creates a league website where players can register for the league, view league schedules, and see final match results.

Tennis League Manager
Use the Tennis league software to manage tennis players in a club league. Generate times for a league bracket and display everything through the event website.