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Archery Tournament Software

The R2sports archery tournament software makes managing an archery event easy. Shooters can register online and directors can seed tournament brackets and set competition times.

Heat Sheets are a common bracket type in archery. The archery tournament software makes it easy to create heats and set the number of archers that advance in each round.

The archery tournament software creates an archery tournament website where archers can view event sponsors, draws, times, and get results.

Costs to use the archery tournament software are as follows:

1) $20 fee paid up front to activate the archery tournament

2) Pricing Option available during the tournament template setup that are paid after the tournament is over:


a) US Pricing:



Option 1: Archers pay additional $3 fee when registering online . No additional fee if director enters archer manually through backend.



Option 2: Directors pay $1 per registered archer regardless of their entry method. No additional online fee charged to archer.


b) Canada and Europe Pricing:



Director pays $1 USD per archer in the tournament, no additional charge for archers to enter online.


c) Mexico and South America Pricing:



Director pays $0.50 USD per archer in the tournament, no additional fee for archers to enter online.

3) Additional option for USA tournaments only:


a) R2sports processes credit cards and sends director a check for 5% processing fee of total processed.

To begin using the archery tournament software, select the number of tournaments that you wish to activate and click the Add to cart button, and then continue to checkout.




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