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Squash Tournament Software

The R2sports squash tournament software has been used by Squash Canada to run their adult and junior national championship tournaments. Squash Alberta uses the software to run all of the provincial events. Many other amateur events in Canada, USA, and Chile also use the software.

The squash tournament software provides an easy way for directors to manage players in a tournament. Squash players can register for the event online and make a credit card or e-check payment.

After the registration deadline, the director combines smaller divisions together to create a larger division, creates teams for doubles divisions by pairing players, then converts the divisions to the desired bracket format based on the number of players in the draw. Quickly seed the players, then fine-tune the first round match-ups using the edit on tournament bracket feature.

After all the brackets are created, next the director uses the tournament scheduler to set the tournament match times for the players. The squash tournament software helps you schedule conflict-free and everything is added to the tournament planner grid to make it easy to see all the scheduled matches.

During a live event, when the director enters the results for a match, the event website is updated in real-time so participants and parents cal follow along to see who is winning.

Track payments and tournament revenue in the accounting section and see your profits and expenses.

Costs to use the squash tournament software are as follows:

Sanctioned Pricing:
If you plan on having a sanctioned Squash Alberta tournament, please contact the association for pricing and to activate your event.

The following pricing is for all other squash tournaments:

1) $20 fee paid up front to activate the squash tournament

2) Pricing Options available during setup that are paid after the tournament is over:


a) US Pricing:



Option 1: Squash players pay additional $3 fee when signing up on line. No additional fee if director enters participant manually through backend.



Option 2: Directors pay $1 per registered squash player regardless of their entry method. No additional online fee charged to player.


b) Canada and Europe Pricing:



Director pays $1 USD per squash player in the tournament, no additional charge for participants to enter online.


c) Mexico and South America Pricing:



Director pays $0.50 USD per squash player in the tournament, no additional fee for players to enter online.

3) Additional option for USA tournaments only:


a) R2sports processes credit cards and sends director a check for 5% processing fee of total processed.

To begin using the squash tournament software, select the number of tournaments that you desire to activate and click the Add to cart button, and then continue to checkout.




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