Racquetball Tournament 8/6/2015 - 8/9/2015
30th Annual Pepsi Cup / Colorado Team Racquetball Championship
Highlands Ranch Recreation Center at Northridge - Highlands Ranch, CO USA

Welcome to the 30th Annual Pepsi Cup / Colorado Team Racquetball Championship.

This is it, the final Pepsi Cup. The Pepsi Cup was conceived in 1985 by Lew Hutch, myself, and a renegade group of Pepsi marketing people. For 30 years it’s been the only tournament of its nature in the US. A team racquetball championship for athletic clubs. What was then, is not now. What better time to end a great tradition than on it’s 30th Anniversary. However don't fret. One tradition ends, another starts. A new team concept is in the works.

We’ll be going old school. The original scoring system will be used. Meaning you will only score points for winning, not losing.

Two players in each singles divisions, one team in each in doubles bracket.

You can play one singles and one doubles, or two doubles, but not two singles.

Divisions: Men and womens – Singles - Open, Elite, A, B and C

Men, women’s and mixed doubles – Open/Elite, A and B.

Teams must have a designated team captain.

Players entering must be approved by the team captain. If you enter, and your not on the official team roster for that club, your not in. Colorado players only.

Updated information pertaining to the Pepsi Cup can be found on the Pepsi Cup Facebook page.


Captains Code of Conduct and Team Roster Links
Official Team Roster: http://www.r2sports.com/2015PepsiCupTeamRoster.pdf
Captains Code of Conduct: http://www.r2sports.com/CaptainsCode2015.pdf

John Foust

Founder / Executive Director

Pepsi Cup / Colorado Team Racquetball Championships

Racquetball Tournament in Highlands Ranch, CO USA

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