Ochsner Fitness Center's 2017 Turkey Shoot

Racquetball Tournament 11/17/2017 - 11/18/2017
Ochsner Fitness Center's 2017 Turkey Shoot
Ochsner Fitness Center, Harahan - HARAHAN, LA USA

2017 Turkey Shoot
November 17 - 18, 2017


Ochsner Fitness Center - Harahan

Divisions Entry Fees

1st Event --------------------------------- $25.00

2nd Event ------------------------------$5.00

This will also be the awards event to the 2017 LRA/MSRA Survivor Shootout Series (Click Here for Point Totals). We've enjoyed 8 events this year and this culminates in this special event to promote the upcoming season and to recognize all “Survivors” and points leaders. If you made all 8 events you have become a true ‘Survivor.” To have more competitive playing time, this Shootout is scheduled to start Friday night @ 6:00 pm, if necessary.


  • 1) DEADLINES: 11/16/2017 5:00 pm Go to LaRacquetball.ORG or ElmwoodRacquetball.COM
  • 2) START TIMES: AVAILIABLE Thursday 11/16/17 @ 11 pm on R2 Sports Tourney Web Site & E-mailed if provided.
  • 3) PLAY BEGINS November 17 @ 6:00PM.
  • 4) YOU MUST BE A USAR MEMBER TO PLAY. You may join/renew at the tournament desk. $50 Adult / $25 Junior Membership Fee. Make Check PAYABLE to LRA
  • 6) THIS TOURNAMENT WILL BE SELF-OFFICIATING: ("what does this mean?") it means you ref your own matches. Lag for serve, keep your own score, and settle your own disputes. If you need a ruling, ask tournament director and tournament committee. This is the 16th year we're doing this and we have not had a problem yet. Since winners don't have to ref, winners must run the tournament desk for an hour after each win (just kidding)

Racquetball Tournament in HARAHAN, LA USA

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