Racquetball League 2/26/2018 - 4/16/2018
Des Moines Metro YMCA 2018 Winter League
Any Des Moines Metro YMCA - Urbandale, IA USA

Welcome to the Des Moines Metro
YMCA 2018 Winter League!


The Iowa Racquetball Association has organized a racquetball league for everyone who plays at any of the Des Moines Metro YMCA branches. Space is limited so REGISTER TODAY! Here are the details.
Cost: Free!
Prizes: None this time, but let the organizer know how much $ you’d be willing to kick in for future leagues.
Duration: 2/26/2018 - 4/9/2018
Location: Any Des Moines Metro YMCA
Divisions: D, C, B, A, and Elite
Limitations: 7 players per division; players under 18 should contact the director prior to registering
Bracket type: Round robin
Scheduling: Contact your opponent and play at a mutually agreed upon time at any YMCA in Metro DSM. By registering, you give permission to the director to share your contact information with other players participating in this event for the purposes of scheduling matches.
Reporting: Details will be sent on or around 2/25.
Software: R2 Sports. Register on a computer or download the R2 Sports app on your phone. After logging in, click FIND EVENTS using the search term “Des Moines.” You’ve found it! If you don’t have a profile already, you’ll be asked to complete all required fields, marked *. Near the end, you’ll have options to support racquetball with a donation or two, but it isn’t necessary. This league is free! Well, this time it is.
Questions: Don McCormick isn’t too bright so cut him some slack when you email him at Donald.McCormick@Outlook.com.
Game play follows the rules established by USA Racquetball. Here is a reminder of some of those rules and few exceptions.
Points: Games one and two are played to 15 points. Game three is only played if a tiebreaker is necessary. If game three is played, it will be played to 11.
Out: At Waukee, the steel bar above the back wall is out of play. At the Wellmark YMCA, back wall surface above the glass is out of play. If the ball hits either of these surfaces, it is considered a failure to return, resulting in a loss of rally.
Court hinders: There are none. Prior to the match, however, both players may agree to designate a particular feature of the court as a court hinder, such as the gap between the door and back wall.
Standings: Determined according to USA Racquetball’s round robin scoring rules, section A.6 under “Competition Policies and Procedures.”
Start time: The first game must begin within 10 minutes of the established start time, unless the players make other arrangements. Any player who does not show up for his/her match on time without first contacting his/her opponent to make other arrangements will automatically forfeit the match.
No shows: If a player fails to show or contact his/her opponent for two matches, the player will be removed from the competition. All their opponents – regardless of whether the game was played – will receive a win for that match.
Rescheduling: Players needing to reschedule a match are required to give the opponent a 24-hour notice. The player who requested the rescheduling must be flexible and arrange a make-up match at a time suitable to their opponent.

Racquetball Tournament in Urbandale, IA USA

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