Gift of Life...Donor Awareness

Racquetball Tournament 10/23/2009 - 10/25/2009
Gift of Life...Donor Awareness



Racquetball: Gift of Life...Donor Awareness
Date: 10/15/2018
Time: 9:57:40 AM PST

Match Report
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Cardona, Jesus (Colorado Springs, CO)

Men's Doubles: B
Round Robin All Division History
    WON (Rnd 5)   Bill Selke / Jesus Cardona    def.  Benny Terry / William Copeland    3,8
    WON (Rnd 4)   Bill Selke / Jesus Cardona    def.  Paul Amdahl / Ray Cornell    9,9
    WON (Rnd 2)   Bill Selke / Jesus Cardona    def.  Mark Sikorski / Chad Lorenson    -10,9,1
    WON (Rnd 1)   Bill Selke / Jesus Cardona    def.  __________    -8,2,5

Racquetball Tournament
Racquetball Tournament
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