2014 Racquetball Canada Nationals

Racquetball Tournament 5/18/2014 - 5/24/2014
2014 Racquetball Canada Nationals
Nautilus Plus - Brossard, QC CAN

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Allen, Cher
Atkins, Reg
Barker, Gilles
Bates, David
Bedard, Charles
Belanger, Rodrigue
Berger, Christian
Bileski, James
Bisaillon, Martin
Bissonnette, Laurent
Boivin, Murielle
Borduas, Gilles
Boudreau, Christian
Boulay, Michel
Bourque, Paul
Bousquet, Daniel
Bousquet, Nicolas
Boyd, Dave
Brayley, Mitch
Brooks, Troy
Casavant, Daniel
Castro, Pedro
Chase, Charlie
Chenier, Jean-Francois
Connell, Lee
Connolly, Postie
Cullen, Kurtis
Davis, Darrell
Demers, Jacques
Dery, Donald
Drury, Danielle
Drury, Karla
Duquette, Marc
Duran, Alejandro
Exner, Chris
Fallu, Valerie
Gagnon, Vincent
Gareau, Pierre
Gendron, Claude
Gerelus, Len
Gibson, Ken
Gingras, Brigitte
Gleeton, Normen
Grandmaitre, Josee
Guertin, Andre
Guillemette, Francis
Havrilenko, Roger
Hood, Cliff
Howell, Lynda
Husulak, Barret
Husulak, Nathaniel
Iwaasa, Alexis
Iwaasa, Coby
Iwaasa, Kathryn
Jauvin, Patrick
Jolin, Richard
Juteau, Nathalie
Juteau, Sebastien
Lacey, Scott
Lalande, Carl
Lambert, Frederique
Landeryou, Tim
Lapierre, Isabelle
Laprise, Hugo
Larivee, Richard
Lavigne, Alain
Lavigne, Jeremy
Leduc, Jessica
Leduc, Michael
Leduc, Steven
Livernoche, Alain
Lodi, Michel
Mack, Bobbie
Macleod, Sue
Mallard, John
Mattson, Tanner
McBride, Marion
Melancon, Robert
Meston, Allan
Moore, Barry
Morissette, Michele
Murray, Samuel
Murray, Tommy
Nelson, Jessica
Nelson, Terry
Neubauer, Leanne
Nolet, Jean
Normand, Jerome
O'Shea, Colin
Osborne, Corey
Ouellette, Michel
Papineau, Bob
Paquet, Jacques
Parent, Juliette
Parent, Marjolaine
Parent, Stephane
Paul, Claude
Pler, Alex
Podolsky, Greg
Poirier, Andre
Pouliot, Christian
Prentice, Tanner
Puiia, Michael
Remillard, Jocelyn
Renouf, Lorne
Richard, Brigitte
Richardson, Christine
Robinson, Bruce
Rochon, Lynda
Rochon, Michel
Rosenstock, Sheldon
Rozansky, Charles
Saunders, Jen
Sauvé, Jewel
Sauvé, Martin
Sauvé, Sean
Scattolon, Dylan
Schonberger, Anthony
Silver, Peter
Smith, Dan
Smoluk, Gwen
Swaine, Matthew
Thisdale, Serge
Truchon, Carl
Warrack, Barry
Webb, Adrian
Webb, John
Webb, Trevor
Wilscam, Sylvain
Yu, Chandon

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Racquetball Tournament
Racquetball Tournament
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Racquetball Tournament
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