2014 USA Racquetball 47th National Doubles Championship

Racquetball Tournament 2/12/2014 - 2/16/2014
2014 USA Racquetball 47th National Doubles Championship
Arizona State University Sun Devil Fitness Center - Tempe, AZ USA


Contact event director: Jim Hiser


Arizona State University Sun Devil Fitness Center
400 E. Apache Blvd.
Tempe, 85287

Event Description:
The US National Doubles is for amatuers and is also a US Team Selection event. If you need a partner, let us know.

Registration Deadline(s):
Please enter Online.
Mail entries must be postmarked no later than Thursday 1/30/2014. Please mail entries to USA Racquetball 1685 W Uintah St. Ste 103 Colorado Springs CO 80904.Make check payable to: USA Racquetball. Phone entries will be accepted through Friday 2/7/2014 no later than 5:00 PM by calling (719) 635-5396.
Online registration open until Tuesday  2/4/2014 at 11:50 PM. (Central Time)

Late online entries will be accepted up until Saturday  2/8/2014 by 2:50 AM (Central Time) .

Starting Times:
Please check start times online.
Start times for first round match(s) will be available after 5:00 PM  Monday 2/10/2014. Call (719) 635-5396 if you don't have internet access. Play starts at 12:00 PM on Wednesday 2/12/2014.
Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Event Director(s):
Jim Hiser reserve(s) the right to combine or cancel any division due to insufficient entries. Director may refuse participant's entry for any reason.

Ball:  Penn green

Age Requirement
For age division competition, participants must meet the proper age requirement as of the first day of the event.

All losers will be required to referee

Before Deadline Withdrawals subject to a $10 service fee. Any processing fees are non-refundable. NO Refunds after deadline.

R2 Sports app for this event:
Use the app to follow participants and receive results. With app installed, this link loads event details.

OPEN U.S. TEAM QUALIFIER (unrestricted entry):
Men Qualifier.....Thursday OPEN..........Friday
Women Qualifier.....Thursday OPEN..........Thursday

AGE Divisions - MEN:
24-....Thursday 25+....Thursday 30+....Thursday 35+....Thursday 40+....Thursday 45+....Thursday 50+....Wednesday 55+....Thursday 60+....Thursday 65+....Thursday 70+....Thursday 75+....Friday 80+....Saturday 85+....Saturday

AGE Divisions - WOMEN:
24-....Thursday 25+....Thursday 30+....Thursday 35+....Thursday 40+....Thursday 45+....Thursday 50+....Thursday 55+....Thursday 60+....Thursday 65+....Friday 70+....Friday 75+....Saturday 80+....Saturday 85+....Saturday

SKILL Divisions - MEN:
Elite....Wed A........Wed B........Wed C........Wed D........Thurs 24-A,B,C.Wed 25+A,B,C.Wed 30+A,B,C.Wed 35+A,B,C.Wed 40+A,B,C.Wed 45+A,B,C.Wed 50+A,B,C.Wed 55+A,B,C.Wed 60+A,B,C.Thurs 65+A,B,C.Thurs

SKILL Divisions - WOMEN:
Elite....Thurs A........Thurs B........Thurs C........Thurs D........Thurs 24-A,B,C.Thurs 25+A,B,C.Thurs 30+A,B,C.Thurs 35+A,B,C.Thurs 40+A,B,C.Thurs 45+A,B,C.Thurs 50+A,B,C.Thurs 55+A,B,C.Thurs 60+A,B,C.Thurs 65+A,B,C.Thurs

MIXED Doubles Divisions:
Wednesday....Elite, A, B, 45+,50+
Thursday....Open, C, 24-,24-A,24-B, 25+, 30+, 30+A, 30+B, 35+, 40+, 40+A, 40+B, 55+, 60+, 60+A, 60+B, 65+
Friday....70+, 75+
Saturday...80+, 85+

The following information is the official rules for USA Racquetball National Doubles. For more information you can also click here.

This event is hosted for USA Racquetball members only:

A USA Racquetball membership is required of all participants, and entrants may join with their entry or must be able to provide a current membership card number, a receipt, or a cancelled check as proof of recent enrollment.

USA Racquetball Official Rules will govern competition, including the mandatory use of protective lensed eyewear tested to ASTM F803 or CSA impact standards. It is the player's responsibility to make certain that their eyewear conforms per rules.

Only U.S. citizens may compete in the U.S. Team Qualifying Open divsions; all other age & skill divisions are open to U.S. Citizens and residents. For age division competition, players must meet the age requirement as of the first day of "competition."

A,B,C, and D division entrants must meet the stipulations noted.:

Players in Age+Skill must meet the same criteria for corresponding skill levels in AGE + A, B, or C divisions. Tournament directors will use the verification form to determine eligibility for skill competition and reserve the right to re-classify player.

including time avoidances:

Be prepared to play at 8:00 AM on the DAY shown next to the your divisions. Due to the anticipated number of entrants, we can NOT guarantee speciall date/time requests.

The ages of the double team must add up to 100:

Men OPEN.....Thursday A and B........Thursday
Women OPEN.....Friday A and B........Friday
Mixed OPEN.....Friday A and B........Friday

The US OLYMPIC COMMITTEE travel desk and United Airlines join the USAR:

To offer the lowest possible United airfares to National Events. US Olympic Travel Desk toll free 800-841-0460 between 8:30am & 8pm Mountain weekdays. Reference account number 565 EF.

Printable Entry Form:
Printable entry form, click here.

Men's and Women's U.S. Team Qualifying Division:
**NOTE: The Men's and Women's U.S. Team Qualifying divisions will play their finals on Saturday night. Most other divisions will finish on Sunday.

Competition Drug Testing:
The USAR will be using the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Drug Testing Program at this event. Testing will be performed on U.S. Team-Qualifier players only. For more information about specific medications call the USOC Drug Hotline at 1-800-233-0393.

Designate arrival time in Phoenix:
If you are requesting a special avoidance (you may request but are not guaranteed)it is important that you list your arrival time.

Referee Requirement:
All losers are required to referee or forfeit your $10 referee fee. All certified referees will receive $20 per match to referee and non-certified $10 per match.

Live Broadcast Schedule:
February 14, Friday: 10am to 7pm
February 15, Saturday: 10am to 7pm
February 16, Sunday: 10am (Finals)
*Times subject to change based upon length of matches. Times listed are for (MST). Location: Tempe, AZ.

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