2017 Simple Green US Open of Handball and 27th Naty Alvarado Classic

Handball Tournament 10/19/2017 - 10/22/2017
2017 Simple Green US Open of Handball and 27th Naty Alvarado Classic
Los Caballeros Indoor - Fountain Valley, CA USA


Contact event director: Naty Alvarado


Los Caballeros Indoor
17272 Newhope Street
Fountain Valley, California 92708

Los Cab Outdoor 3 Wall
17272 Newhope
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Los Caballeros 1 Wall
17272 Newhope St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Event Description:
2017 Simple Green US Open of Handball and 27th Naty Alvarado Classic with WPH Race4Eight Pro VII, USHA Sanctioned.

Registration Deadline(s):
Please enter Online.
Online registration open until Sunday  7/23/2017 at 2:00 AM. (Central Time)

Starting Times:
Please check start times online.
Start times for first round match(s) will be available after 12:00 PM  Tuesday 10/17/2017. Call (760) 221-9737 if you don't have internet access. Play starts at 8:30 AM on Thursday 10/19/2017.
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Event Director(s):
Naty Alvarado reserve(s) the right to combine or cancel any division due to insufficient entries. Director may refuse participant's entry for any reason.

Ball: Red 21 USHA 4 wall events. Men's Open Singles Doubles 40+S: Ball WPH R48Pro. 1,3 Wall: Big Ball: Red


Age Requirement
For age division competition, participants must meet the proper age requirement as of the first day of the event.

No Refunds

R2 Sports app for this event:
Use the app to follow participants and receive results. With app installed, this link loads event details.

1 and 3 wall big ball scoring format:
Only server can score, Match: games two out of three to 21 if tie breaker needed to 11., Foot fault, short ball, hitting long or wide, Side Out or Hand Out. 3 wall you may use one side wall on the serve.

Travel plans:
4 wall events start on 10/19 in the AM and end 1:00 PM 10/22, 3 wall singles start 10/19 1 Wall Men start 10/19 AM Women's start 10/19 AM 1 and 3 wall events will end 10/22 at 6:00 PM. Please book flights Accordingly!

To all participants US Open is a 4 day event, Limited brackets enter early avoid not playing in 2016:

Players can enter same division don't have to cross over but limited to TWO events only!:

All divisions limited to 32 entries, 24 entries 1 Wall! :

Prize Money:
Based on 12 entries per bracket. if less than 12 in a bracket prize money will be a percentage of the advertised prize money prorated for the actual number of entries.

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