NMRA Elections 2018

Racquetball Election 9/29/2017 - 2/1/2018
NMRA Elections 2018
Harman Fitness - Malibu, CA USA


Contact event director: Cindy Tilbury

Event Description:
You may choose to vote for any one or up to three candidates

Registration Deadline(s):
Please vote Online.
Mail entries must be postmarked no later than Tuesday 1/30/2018. Online voting open until Thursday  2/1/2018 at 11:50 PM. (Central Time)

Event Director(s):
Cindy Tilbury

NMRA 2012 Board of Directors Election:
You may vote for up to three (3) candidates. Feel free to contact the candidates before you vote.

The elected candidates will serve on the board starting with the March 6, 2012, board meeting in Utah, and finish with the 2015 election.

Vote Online or Via Paper:
You may also vote via paper ballot, if you have received an October 2011 NMRA Newsletter with your member label on the back page. Instructions are included in the newsletter.

Write-In Candidates:
To write in a candidate's name (online), please send an email with your write-in name to: cindy.tilbury@att.net.

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