Racquetball Tournament 10/26/2007 - 10/28/2007
Thundebolt Open
HQuest Health and Racquet Club (formerly Dan Gamel's) - FRESNO, CA


Contact event director: DARLENE OEHLSCHLAEGER, Nancy Feramisco (Giosa)


HQuest Health and Racquet Club (formerly Dan Gamel's)
4774 N. Blackstone Ave.
Fresno, CA 93726

Registration Deadline(s):
Please enter Online.
Mail entries must be postmarked no later than Wednesday 10/17/2007. Please mail entries to 4774 N. Blackstone Ave. Fresno, Calif. 93726.Make check payable to: HQuest Health & Racquet Club. Phone entries will be accepted through Saturday 10/20/2007 no later than 7:00 PM by calling 559-285-4143 (questions) or 227-8405 (start Times).
Online registration open until Sunday  10/21/2007 at 9:00 PM. (Central Time)

Starting Times:
Please check start times online.
Start times for first round match(s) will be available after 4:00 PM  Thursday 10/25/2007. Call 559-285-4143 (questions) or 227-8405 (start Times) if you don't have internet access. Play starts at 6:00 PM on Friday 10/26/2007.
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Event Director(s):
DARLENE OEHLSCHLAEGER, Nancy Feramisco (Giosa) reserve(s) the right to combine or cancel any division due to insufficient entries. Director may refuse participant's entry for any reason.

Ball: Penn

Age Requirement
For age division competition, players must meet the proper age requirement as of the first day of the event.

Full refund if requested before deadline, 10/20/07 @ 9:00pm

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