NMRA Elections 2018

Racquetball Election 9/29/2017 - 2/1/2018
NMRA Elections 2018
Harman Fitness - Malibu, CA USA



List of Candidates



Carmen Alatorre-Martin, Virginia

What will I bring to the NMRA board? Experience, expertise, enthusiasm, and a positive can-do attitude. Most of you already know me, but for those of you who don’t…I’ve been the NMRA Vice President for the last few years, I’m often at the tournament desk running the matches or helping with venue activities, and I love playing doubles in our NMRA championships. Promoting goodwill and professionalism; instilling a sense of community and comradery; encouraging a high level of competition and sportsmanship among players across all age groups and all levels of play—these are the things I believe in…these are the things I strive for. I hope to continue to make the NMRA an organization that folks want to be a part of. Email me at teamalamar@gmail.com if you want to talk about NMRA racquetball issues.

Bill Baker, California

As a member of the NMRA for nearly 25 years and nearing the end of my second term as a member of the Board of Directors, I am seeking your support for a third term. During my current term, I have experienced and been a part of the enthusiasm, success, and collegiality of the current Board, which has encouraged my candidacy to continue serving the NMRA. I am therefore seeking your support of my candidacy for a third term as a member of the NMRA Board of Directors. I plan to continue to represent the 70+ group of players, and all fans of round-robin, social competition. You can reach me at wabassoc@cox.net.

Mike Grisz, Texas

I am proud to be able to run again for the Board of Directors of the National Masters Racquetball Association. For the past two years, I have been fortunate to participate on the Board, assist in running the tournaments, play in the tournaments, but, most importantly, meet a good amount of the membership. I would rather serve on this Board, help run these tournaments, play in these events, and associate with all of you more than anything else I do in the sport of racquetball. I've played since 1974. I've won and lost more matches than I can remember. I've had good times, and, yes, some things I'd rather forget. But I want to give back to a sport that means so much to me. I would like your vote for another term on the NMRA Board. I also serve as treasurer to the TXRA. I am an investor in the IRT. And, as long as I can, will be a competitor on the court. Contact me at mgrisz@aol.com if you’d like to talk about my candidacy.

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