Racquetball Tournament 11/3/2017 - 11/5/2017
2017 WOR Waterford Longwall Classic
Waterford Park - Davie, FL USA



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Division Code
Division Type
Division Name
Draw Type
Winner Runner-Up Semis / 3rd Semis / 4th Qtrs / 5th Qtrs / 6th Qtrs / 7th Qtrs / 8th

Men's Age Singles

40/50 Singles


Single Elimination

Rob Mijares

Richard Unzueta

Agustin Carvallo

Marcos Caines

Ramon Garcia

Men's Doubles



Single Elimination

Lorenzo Cheung / Nicola Chafloque

Marcus Neal / Kareem Solomon

Rob Mijares / Yelandi Rivero

Mitch Slater / David Levy

Russ Bruns / Joey Logan

Curtis Winter / Norm McNutt

Aaron Metcalf / Ross Greenberg

Ignacio Espinal / Robert Sostre

Men's Doubles



Round Robin

Norm McNutt / Curtis Winter

David Soll / Randy Shearer

Marcos Caines / Ramon Garcia

Men's Doubles

Combined 75+


Single Elimination

Roy Hernandez / Lorenzo Cheung

Joe Young / Paul Dylewski

Nestor Santana / Jorge Bacallao

Alejandro Barcelo / Nicola Chafloque

Randy Shearer / Bernie Goodman

Brad Litchfield / Tommy Ale

Yelandi Rivero / Carlos Bravo

Curtis Winter / Ross Greenberg

Men's Doubles

Men's Elite/A


Single Elimination

Juan Carlos Morales / Nestor Santana

Kareem Solomon / Michael Guyard

Agustin Carvallo / Paul Dylewski

Justin Cooklin / Seran Ramkissoon

Heriberto Cruz-Anaya / Jason Baez Alfonso

Brad Litchfield / Gus Lopez

David Soll / Dan Dobrinich

Javier Trujillo / Jorge Diaz

Men's Doubles

Outdoor Pro


Single Elimination

Joe Young / Yelandi Rivero

Lorenzo Cheung / Nicola Chafloque

Jonathan Burns / Alejandro Herrera

Carlos Bravo / Tommy Ale

Rob Mijares / Maykel Rodriguez

Claude Hagopian / Michael Guyard

Juan Carlos Morales / Nestor Santana

Robert Sostre / Roy Hernandez

Men's Doubles

Outdoor Pro Consolation


Single Elimination

Travis Burnell / Scott Graves

Mitch Slater / David Levy

Nicholas Ramos / Alejandro Barcelo

Bernie Goodman / Azael Gilbert

Men's Singles

Men's Combined Singles


Single Elimination

Kareem Solomon

Michael Medina

Horacio Cozzi

Carlos Sotolongo

Agustin Carvallo

Cristhian Rigu

Daniel Kurzawski

Seran Ramkissoon


Men's Singles

Outdoor Pro


Single Elimination

Alejandro Herrera

Maykel Rodriguez

Robert Sostre

Scott Graves

Joe Young

Alejandro Barcelo

Travis Burnell

Roy Hernandez

Mixed Doubles



Single Elimination

Leah Leblanc / Gus Lopez

Russ Bruns / Thao Le

Seran Ramkissoon / Joyce Norris

Maddie Melendez / David Soll

Heriberto Cruz-Anaya / Maria Laguer

Darlene Landgraf / Justin Cooklin

Mary Claburn / Paul Dylewski

Women's Doubles

Women's Elite/Open


Round Robin

Maria Laguer / Leah Leblanc

Luanne Bryant / Susan Suid

Maddie Melendez / Thao Le

Joyce Norris / Darlene Landgraf

Division Code
Division Type
Division Name
Draw Type
Winner Runner-Up Semis / 3rd Semis / 4th Quarters / 5th Quarters / 6th Quarters / 7th Quarters / 8th

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