Racquetball Tournament 10/6/2018 - 10/6/2018
ASU Fall Shootout 2018
Arizona State University Sun Devil Fitness Center - Tempe, AZ USA



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Division Code
Division Type
Division Name
Draw Type
Winner Runner-Up Semis / 3rd Semis / 4th Qtrs / 5th Qtrs / 6th Qtrs / 7th Qtrs / 8th

Men's Doubles

Men's ABC Doubles Playoff #1


Single Elimination

Carlos Aguirre / Tomas Martinez

Justin Kaye / Casey Patterson

Ron Couch / Jason S.

Shane Hitzeman / Peter Ellsworth

Ron Gottlieb / Rey Feliz

Horacio Honne / John Quinn

Roberto Luna / Lorenzo Arredondo

Alan Baron / Wil Rounsaville

Men's Doubles

Open / Elite


Round Robin

Mark Monje / Jason Richard Conway

Ben Baron / Mike Lubbers

Damian Zamorano / Preston Tribble

Gregg Espin / David DeCicco

John Ortiz / Freddie Villalon

Alexander Hough / Herman Deluna

Darrin Schenck / Jesse Giron

Luis Rivero / Ryan Patterson

Men's Singles

A Playoff #1


Single Elimination

Ken Osorio

Shane Hitzeman

Casey Patterson

Horacio Honne

Eric Fassbender

Freddie Villalon

Jason S.

Peter Ellsworth


Men's Singles



Round Robin

Ivan Castillo

Rob Craig

Stephen Richer

Scott Brown

Men's Singles

Men's C Singles Playoff #1


Single Elimination

Roberto Luna

Lorena Chables

Rudy Luna

Zach Cummins

Alejandra Lopez

Petr Janousek

Nicole Janousek

Hersh Nanda

Men's Singles

Open / Elite


Round Robin

Jesse Giron

Mike Lubbers

Ben Baron

Sandro Aponte

Chris Pacheco

Luis Rivero

Ryan Patterson


Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles


Round Robin

Danny Kusch / Susan Hendricks

Alejandra Lopez / Eric Fassbender

Erik DeMar / Rosana Barboza

Lorena Chables / Rudy Luna

Petr Janousek / Nicole Janousek

Division Code
Division Type
Division Name
Draw Type
Winner Runner-Up Semis / 3rd Semis / 4th Quarters / 5th Quarters / 6th Quarters / 7th Quarters / 8th

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