Tournament: WOR Georgia 3Wall Ball 2015 Invitational Debut: Racquetball

11/7/2015 - 11/7/2015, Gordon - Barnesville, GA USA

Georgia 3Wall Ball

2015 Invitational Debut

King of Court Singles
(Played as Doubles Round Robin with All Participants in your Division as your partner)

$1,400 Consolidated Prize Money anticipated.
Two Divisions Max Allowed, only if one is mixed; i.e.
You can only play One Skill Division and One Mixed Division:
Advanced and Advanced Mixed
Intermediate and Intermediate Mixed
If you desire to play two divisions:
then sign up in your single skill for both Men and Women.
You will be accepted as entered into the mixed division first come first serve as other mixed players register based on availability of mixed pairings.


Entry fee $35, Sign up as singles, all play is doubles partnering round robin with all others or mixed players in your division. Prize money to be awarded to 1st and 2nd place single winners per doubles division. Winners determined by most wins, most points scored, least points against, coin toss. (Anticipated prize money is $1,400 for 4 Divisions or $350/Division paid as $250 first place and $100 second place to be prorated based on 20 single players/division.)
Three Wall Outdoor Racquetball.

Play will be scheduled continuous for each skill division.

Please sign up online prior to Nov 5th deadline in your USRA Indoor Skill division. Divisions maybe re-assigned or combined at discretion of tournament director. The goal is to have 4 large Divisions.

Questions Email :


Phone: Lemuel O'Neal 912-220-8901

Gordon State College

419 College Drive, Barnesville, GA 30204

You must be a current member of WOR to participate.

Annual WOR membership is $15.

For more info about WOR membership:

World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR) rules apply.

Use of USRA approved eye safety glasses are mandatory.

The Tournament Ball will be the new Ektelon Revolution!

Racquetball Tournament in Barnesville, GA

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