Tournament: 2015 Spring Shootout: Racquetball

4/11/2015 - 4/11/2015, Florin High School - Sacramento, CA USA

Nor Cal's

World Outdoor Racquetball
first event is here!

2015 Spring Shootout
Saturday April 11th.
Florin High School, Sacramento, CA

The 2nd event is June 13, 2015 "Beat the Heat"

WOR Nor Cal events are designed specifically to;
  • Keep it simple and inexpensive
  • and HAVE A BLAST

so... Sign up early! No money collected on-line,
pay at the event.

Racquetball Tournament in Sacramento, CA USA

pool play with all teams making the playoffs.
The Official Ball of WOR will be used: Ektelon Fireball!

Do You Have the SKILLZ?!
There will be a fun Skillz game between sessions. (if at least 35 entries)
Up for grabs will be:
New Ektelon Toron Lite Racquet, $$, free entry into a WOR Champs or 3WB Vegas 1st event,
a future WOR Nor Cal event and prizes!!

Start Times:

There will be two sessions of play

  • Session 1: Men's & Women's Doubles *
  • Session 2: Mixed doubles. (starts about 1ish)
* previously not enough women have played for a women's only division and have played Men's A or B.
However, please sign up under the Women's division and I'll combine them if necessary but you'll receive WOR rankings points in the Women's division you signup for.

NOTE: If you plan to play the WOR Championships or the Vegas 3WB national events, please consider entering in the division you'll be playing at these events. I say this as in our previous WOR Nor Cal shootouts all higher level players have signed up for the Open division but then play A (and even some B) at the national events. Playing Open here gets you ranking points for Open and does not help your seeding position for the A (or B) divisions in the national events. So... enter the division you'll play at the national events to increase your rankings points for that division and hopefully a better seeding.
For our shootout divisions most like divisions will be combined for pool play so everyone will get the most games and best competition anyway.

For example: for a combined division you still earn points for the division you signup for. So if you are a B player, enter Men's (or women's) B. If A & B (and even Open) are then combined into one division and you finish 4th in the combined division BUT you are the highest B team, YOU WIN B's! and get B's championship points!!

Please arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes before start time to setup, check-in and warm-up.

$20 per player for all divisions, to help cover the School District fees
$10 per player for a 2nd event

Prize Money!
$20 additional per team for those that wish to participate - 1st and 2nd place.
Men's Open and A will vie for one pool of prize money.
Women's A & B and Men's B & C another prize fund pool.
Mixed Open and A for another prize fund pool.

Note: WOR membership is required. $15 added to entry cost if a non-member.
R2 will not indicate this cost when signing up.

Please bring cash or check only,
You may sign-up here via R2 or simply contacted me to enter you.
Bill George
1431 University Ave,
Sacramento, CA. 95825

Do NOT be afraid my friends! Outdoor is a blast and a party. Besides, most of us in Nor Cal are newbies, you are NOT alone!

Coolers with lots of ice and water. Bring hats, chairs umbrellas and 'easy ups'.
There is NO shade available but lots of grass behind the courts!!

on't Bring: And sorry, being a school site, no alcoholic beverages allowed.
The school district is the ONLY place we have courts available here so we must stay on their 'good list'.
Oh!, and Sign up early! No money collected on-line,

Session 1: Please be there by 8am to check-in, pay-up, set-up and warm-up.

The courts are in the back of the campus and the school district states we must park in the main lots of the campus which are out front and side. This is somewhat of a long walk if bringing in the needed chairs, shade items and whatnot. I've arranged it so we are able to drive to the back next to the courts to unload our needs HOWEVER, you must return our vehicles to the main parking. Also, there is a residential area in the back of the campus that has one dead end street somewhat near the courts. We have been asked NOT to park there out of consideration to the residents.

Please click the Map link on the 'link bar' above for a map on how to drop off your gear and parking.

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