Cochise Racquet Club Challenge Ladder: Racquetball

8/9/2016 - 12/31/2029, Cochise Health And Racquet Club - Sierra Vista, AZ USA

We are excited to introduce the Cochise Racquet & Health Club Racquetball Challenge Ladder. The program will be FREE of charge. It's easy to sign up for the Challenge Ladder, but if you're having any problems, please contact Ben Simons at Also, by signing up for the challenge ladder you will get a FREE e-membership to USA Racquetball. You will received the e-version of Racquetball magazine as well as emails on other local racquetball events. Your support of these programs will continue to help maintain and grow the sport of racquetball.

There are three divisions to choose from: Men's Open/A, Men's B/C & Women's. If you're not sure which division you should be in, then start in the B/C's and work your way up! Women can sign up for the Men's ladder also if they would like.

Your goal in the Challenge Ladder is to constantly try to move up by challenging players higher than you, while also defending your current spot on the ladder when you're challenged. Players can challenge up to five ranking spots ahead of their ranking. NOTE, only the #1 ranked player in the B/C division is allowed to "challenge up" into the bottom five ranked players in the Open/A.
I will post the ranking updates on the racquetball information board. Looking forward to continually adding more players to the ladder and seeing who can climb to the top.
All matches will use the official USA Racquetball Rules. If you are not familiar with the official rules of the game you can find them at

Current Rankings:
  • Men's B / C
  • Men's Open / A
  • Women's Ladder
  • Racquetball Tournament in Sierra Vista, AZ USA

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  • Recent Results

    11/23/2016 Men's: B / C
    Jesus Rodriguez # 1 DEF. Bradley Jordan # 2 | Scores: WBF - No Show

    11/21/2016 Men's: B / C
    Bradley Jordan # 1 DEF. Jesus Rodriguez # 2 | Scores: WBF - No Show

    10/4/2016 Men's: B / C
    Cinnamon Untalan # 2 DEF. Jesus Rodriguez # 3 | Scores: 15-10, 9-15, 11-3

    10/3/2016 Men's: B / C
    Cinnamon Untalan # 2 DEF. Jesus Rodriguez # 3 | Scores: 15-10, 9-15, 11-3

    9/14/2016 Men's: B / C
    Jesus Rodriguez # 4 DEF. Luke Linhart # 5 | Scores: 15-8, 15-7

    9/11/2016 Men's: B / C
    Bradley Jordan # 5 DEF. Jesus Rodriguez # 6 | Scores: 15-11, 15-5

    8/12/2016 Men's: Open / A
    Ben Simons # 1 DEF. Matthew Koop # 2 | Scores: 15-3, 15-10

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