University of Central Florida Challenge Ladder: Racquetball

8/1/2016 - 12/31/2099, Orlando, FL USA

Welcome to your local racquetball challenge ladder! The ladder is a great way to meet and play other players along with providing a competitive atmosphere in the club. There are several divisions to choose from so that you may play people you same skill level. To schedule a match, you need to find the people in your division and then contact them to schedule your match day/time. Once done, you will report the scores in the system and club ranking will be based on those results.

Either every week or bi-weekly, your club will post the standings which will help determine the club rankings! Have fun and enjoy!

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  • Racquetball Tournament in Orlando, FL USA

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    Men's: Challenge Ladder
    Chris Steinheiser DEF. Joseph Boyette | Scores: WBF - No Show

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