Contest: Pikes Peak Celtic Festival: Piping and Drumming

6/17/2017 - 6/18/2017, Memorial Park - Colorado Springs, CO USA

Enter now through June 7th.

Piping and Drumming Tournament in Colorado Springs, CO USA


The Solo & Band, Piping & Drumming competitions will all be run in accordance with the WUSPBA Contest Rules.


Tents must be secured tightly &/or heavily weighted in the event of sudden wind gusts. All tents must be approved & inspected by the Organizing Committee. This is a Celtic Festival so decorate accordingly! Make your booth authentic looking and inviting!


Prize money amounting to no-less than 50% of the collected event fees will be awarded for 1st & 2nd in all band competitions. Additionally if there are more than 5 entrants in any single solo Grade 3, Grade 2, or Grade 1 competition then prize money will also be considered. Trophies will also be awarded to winning bands and medals for individual participants.


To be eligible for travel money you must meet these requirements: 1) abode greater than 70 miles away from the event site, 2) be competing in Grade 4 or higher competition level. Additionally the committee will evaluate requests on an individual basis and will be budget dependent. Approval for ones travel money does not guarantee or insinuate approval for money for any other request.


For Band Registrations participants will receive, free of charge, up to 20 Gate Passes ($15 advance/ $20 at the gate) for Band Members and Support Staff. For Individual Registrations, each registered individual will receive (1) Gate Pass. After that number, the participants agree to buy additional Gate passes as needed at said prices. Please contact the office or purchase additional passes online. Due to limited parking within the actual park we will not be able to issue parking passes.



Donald Lindsay (NY)
Andrew Trimble (CO)
Robert Mason (CO)


Eoin McMahon (CO)

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  • Piping and Drumming Tournament
    Piping and Drumming Tournament
    Piping and Drumming Tournament
    Piping and Drumming Tournament