Tournament: 2017 Phase IV Scientific Health & Performance ProAm: Racquetball

9/7/2017 - 9/10/2017, Harman Fitness - Canoga Park, CA USA

Welcome Pros, Amateurs and Guests!

Racquetball Tournament in Canoga Park, CA USA

The first Tier 1 men’s pro stop of the 2017-2018 season come be a part of the historic event under the new regime of the IRT. With the direction of new leadership I know this is going to a huge first class event. We are working on having some additional entertainment that many of us were blown away by recently.

All divisions will be round robin with the exception of the pro’s and Men's open singles so you should get plenty of games in addition to watching the best players in play both singles & doubles.

This club has a great racquetball history that will continue at this pro-stop. However, we are very much in limbo as for how long the club will be there so this could very well be the last big event. Come be part of this club’s great history before it becomes history. We can only schedule events until November.

AUGUST 19 UPDATE ON PRO MATCH RESERVED SEATING: Due to the cost of bleacher rental and numerous requests from devoted fans for limited chairs for the semi- and final matches, we will offer reserved seating in the bleachers behind the stadium court for $100. There will still be many places to watch free of charge--up above and around the court--so don't feel you must pay to watch. Sponsors and paid reserved seat patrons will have first priority. In addition, PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING US FOR SPONSOR DOUBLES/CLINIC ON THURSDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 7. For $200, you will get a reserved bleacher seat all weekend, on-court time with and against the top 8 pros, dinner, wine/beer/beverages, as well as lots of fun. If you just want to sponsor the tournament because you love watching the pros or want your logo included in promotional materials, contact right away! Many other courts will also have pro and top-level Open matches, so there will be plenty to see if you don't watch the stadium court. If all bleacher seats are not reserved, we will also offer all-day seats for $40 and one-match-only passes for $20.
Schedule of Play:
9:00 AM Pro Singles Round of 32
11:00 AM Pro Doubles Approx.
1:00 PM Mens A Singles & B Doubles
3:00 PM Pro Round of 16
4:00 PM Pro Doubles Approx
5:00 PM Mixed Open & Mixed B/C
7:00 PM IRT Future (Open) Singles
8:00 AM Mens A Doubles & Mens B Singles
9:00 AM Pro Singles 1/4 finals
10:00 AM Womens Open Singles & Womens B Singles & Mens C Singles
11:00 AM IRT Future (Open) Singles
12:00 PM Womens Open Doubles & Womens B/C Doubles
3:00 PM IRT Future (Open) Singles, Womens A/B Doubles & Centurion Open/A
4:00 PM Pro Singles Semi-Final # 1 & Mens Open Doubles
5:00 PM Pro Singles Semi-Final # 2
6:00 PM Pro Doubles Semi-Finals
8:00 AM Womens A Singles & Centurion B/C
9:00 AM IRT Future (Open) Singles
10:00 AM Mens Elite Doubles & Jr. Advanced
11:00 AM Pro Singles Final
12:00 PM Jr Int/Beg
1:00 PM Pro Doubles Final
2:00 PM Men's Elite Singles & Men's Age 40/50/60 Singles
3:00 PM IRT Future (Open) Singles Final

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