Tournament: 2017 Atlanta Open IRT Pro-Am: Racquetball

11/2/2017 - 11/5/2017, Recreation ATL - Lilburn, GA USA

We are hosting the 3rd annual Atlanta Open IRT Pro-Am November 2 - 5. This event will feature the top pro players from all over the world. We have some really fun activities planned for this event. Raffling 50" TV, a 50/50 Raffle Prize giveaways, great food, freebies during the pro matches, live DJ, Saturday night party, etc.

There is prize money for Women's divisions also. Parent/Child Division.
Confirmed to attend:
Kane Waselenchuck
Rocky Carson
Daniel De La Rosa
Alvaro Beltran
Jose Rojas
Marco Rojas
Jansen Allen
Sebastian Franco
Felipe Camacho
Mario Mercado
Robert Collins
Mauricio Zelada
Scott McClellan
Alejandro Herrera
and more...
along with local players that will be competing to qualify for the pro draw:
Maurice Miller
Marquis Miller
Shane Karmelin
Austin Cunningham
and more...
Don't miss these events:
Wednesday night clinic with Daniel De La Rosa, Time TBD
Thursday - Tournament check in begins. Courts are open to practice, play, warm up.
Thursday night Pro-Am Doubles. Top 8 pro players will be paired with sponsors for pro-am doubles. This is a lot of fun to watch.
Thursday night - Meet and greet with the pro players.
Round of 16 begins Friday morning, and runs from roughly 10am - 3pm
Quarter finals begins at roughly 4pm - 8pm
Pro Semi Finals at roughly 12pm and 2pm
Pro Doubles Finals at 7pm
Saturday night party with the pro's at 9pm(Kane's Birthday)
Pro Singles Finals
Everyone that enters the club must either be a registered tournament player, or have a daily or weekend pass. Weekend pass is $75, daily pass is $20. Sunday finals only pass is $50.
There is soda, Gatorade, beer and wine available for purchase through the front desk.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Michael Miller

Racquetball Tournament in Lilburn, GA USA

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