Tournament: WPH R48Pro VIII Stop #3 *Open/Pro Bracket Only*: Handball

12/27/2018 - 12/30/2018, Multnomah Athletic Club - Portland, OR USA

***Warning: This entry form is for the WPH R48Pro/Open Bracket Only. Please See the USHA Website for further details regarding the 4 Wall Junior National Handball Championships (Also at the same venue and in conjunction with this event)***
December 27th-30th, 2018
Portland, Oregon - Multnomah
When the WPH Visited the Multnomah Athletic Club back in 2016 it was immediately viewed as one of the most successful stops on the professional handball tour. Players and Fans alike enjoyed the amazing hospitality of the MAC, near-perfect weather of the Great Pacific Northwest, and awesome play from the event participants. Back in 2016, the WPH teamed up with the USHA to host this mega-event, as the National Master Singles took place at the same venue as the WPH Player's Championship. This time around, the WPH joins forces with the governing body of the sport once again, when the junior handball national championships kick off a day earlier (Dec 26th-Dec 28, 2018).

Junior Participants: You will be using an external website to enter the 63rd Annual USHA Junior National Handball Championships. This website is only for those entering the WPH Pro Division. Contact the USHA @ or visit their site at
Schedule: All WPH Participants will play in an open format (No Qualifier). The Top Elite Eight Pros will be named prior to the event and placed into their seeds, based off the wording established in the 2018/19 Player's Agreement/Code of Conduct. The players that make it into the money rounds will be considered a "Qualifier." Rd of 64 matches, if any, will be played late Thursday late afternoon (after 6pm). All Rd of 32 matches will report to the tournament desk by 8:30am on Friday for a 9am start. Rd of 32 & 16 will be played on Friday; Rd of 8 & 4 on Saturday; Finals on Sunday.
WPH may cap this pro bracket at a number less than 64. First come-first served!

ESPN Coverage: WPH will film and air show-court matches on ESPN3 & WatchESPN; Saturday and Sunday. Details will be published at leading up to this tournament.
This event is designed to help bring new junior players and young athletes into the game of handball, as the WPH & Junior WPH aim to inspire the next generation of handball players. Junior WPH is a 501(c) Non Profit, Tax-Deductible Foundation who gladly recognizes those who support, give -
World Players of Handball Foundation
3561 E Sunrise Drive #125
Tucson, AZ
This will be a Professional Handball tournament; featuring elite player/junior clinics, drop down brackets, playoffs and ton's of entertainment. **To enter the junior national handball championships, please visit the USHA Website**

Handball Tournament in Portland, OR USA

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