Challenge Ladder: 2018 West Lane Racquetball Singles Jamboree League

4/18/2018 - 5/23/2018, In-Shape Sport: West Lane - Stockton, CA USA


By popular demand, the Jamboree League is back for the Spring edition here in 2018. Two divisions this time around with the Elite/A and B/C. THIS IS THE BEST VALUE IN COMPETITIVE RACQUETBALL PLAY! $40 one time fee for all players, and it comes with a Rollout Jamboree T-Shirt, and a chance to be the big dog in Stockton for the spring season.

The Jamboree League goes like this....
1) Six weeks of random round robin style of play. Games will be either to 15 points or 11. The score matters but not that much in the end.

2) Every game you play and win, you earn 3 points. If you lose the game, you only earn one point. The Jamboree rewards attendance first, and wins a close second.

3) It's accummlative scoring for the first six weeks. The top 8 players in each division will play a Week Seven Single Elimination Playoffs for the title!

It's as easy as that. No make up games when you miss a week, you just fall behind a little. New opponents every week. There is a limit of 10 games per player/week, but it's tough for most players to even finish 5 games in one Jamboree night. This really is the best value in competitive racquetball. Tell your friends about it!

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  • Racquetball Tournament in Stockton, CA USA

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