Tournament: Houston R48LTE '19/SW Regional Doubles: Handball

3/8/2019 - 3/10/2019, Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA - Tucson, TX USA

’19 Houston R48LTE/Southwest Regional Doubles


The World Players of Handball and the Houston Handball Club are thrilled to host the Houston R48LTE/Southwest Doubles Regionals, March 8-10, 2019 at the Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA (808 Pease St., Houston, TX 77002). The R48 will be staged in Houston for the seventh consecutive year, while the Southwest Regional Doubles will be held in conjunction with the ’19 Houston R48LTE, featuring Open Doubles, Women’s Doubles, B Doubles, 100 Doubles, 120 Doubles, and 140 Doubles. Age division doubles require the combined ages of the teammates to meet the minimum age requirement, with the youngest teammate to be under 10 years maximum for each bracket ie the youngest a player can be in the 100 Doubles in 40.


The WPH R48LTE awards half the R48 ranking points as a traditional R48 event and nearly half the prize money.


Prize money and ranking points for R48 LTE events:


1st: $1.5k (5 ranking points)


2nd: $1k (4 ranking points)


3rd/4th: $750/$750 (3 ranking points)


5th-8th: $500; if the event has 8 ranked pros or better (2 ranking points)


LTE ranking points are only valid to the player if that player qualifies during the season and/or are named in the top eight and have accepted their invite. Once the player qualifies, then their LTE points become retroactive (same for the Elite Eight member). If a player accrues points at an LTE stop without earning ranking points in that R48 season, those points will be frozen until that player earns ranking points at a R48 stop. If/when the player earns points in a full R48 stop, his LTE points will be added. If the player does not earn points in a full R48 stop, his LTE points will not accessible.

Handball Tournament in Tucson, TX USA

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