Tournament Software Screenshots

View screen shots for tournament setup, registered participants, brackets, match times and final results. The R2sports league application has the same features as the tournament software.

The R2sports software tournament application and league manager tool are online web applications that are easy to use. Save hours of time creating draws and setting game times. No need to download and install anything on your computer. Use the software on any pc or smart phone with internet access. Multiple directors can be logged in at the same time. Players and fans can enter and get all of the tourney info from one website.

R2sports Screen Shots: Participants

Event Check-In

There are 2 different check in lists. If you are running your event offline, you can print the tournament management check-in page. Having a separate computer or tablet with internet access at the live tournament check in desk will allow you to use this check-in list.

By default, the event check-in list will list the participants name and amount still owed. It will also highlight in yellow any participant that is already checked into the event. There are additional display options if you want more details to show up on the check in list. Options include an icon to print a registration receipt, icon to send email receipt to participant, display T-shirt, gender, where participant is from, and divisions entered.

The event check-in list can be filtered to only show specific participants. By default, it starts as show all, but you can change to the following option: Show only those that have / have not checked in yet, and show all with a balance due / have no balance.

Once filter options are saved, they will hold their values and will have to be reset the next time the director logs into the event. There are 2 sort options currently available, either by first name or by last name

Checking a participant into an event is easy and there are 2 ways to do it. The first way is to click on the participantís name. For larger events with hundreds of participants, use the quick filter search, type a few characters of the name, and the list will automatically filter out the ones that done match. Select the name from the list and click check-in. When checking a player in, it takes you to the registration online summary page where you can make changes and add additional items to purchase to their entry, before checking them in and making a payment.

Once a player is checked into the system, when the tournament staff is ready to assign a game/match to a court/field using the live event tournament planner, a green check mark will show up indicating the player has paid and is checked into the event. Some events donít allow participants to begin competition until they have checked into the event.