R2 Sports - R2 Enterprises Player / Team Entry Credit Card / Online Check Refund Policy
Please contact R2 Sports - R2 Enterprises immediately for any errors found in processing your transaction.

Phone: (214) 556-1835

Transactions will appear as R2 Sports - R2 Enterprises on credit card statement. All valid transactions are final. After transacting your entry, the event director refund/entry policy will take effect.

Each event may have specific refund policies that may apply that will be noted on the event website in the info section.
Please contact the Event Director if you need to cancel your entry. It is up to the Event Director to accept or decline all refunds due to cancellations, etc. The event director is responsible for a 5% refund charge on the total fee refunded. The Tournament Director MAY refund Entry Fees MINUS any fees resulting from their specific entry policies (such as processing fees, cancellation charges, etc.).

Contacting Billing Support
If you have any questions about this refund policy, the practices of this site, or your
dealings with this Web site, you may contact Customer Support