2013 Ann Arbor City Tennis Tournament

Tournament 6/5/2013 - 7/28/2013
2013 Ann Arbor City Tennis Tournament
Huron High School - Ann Arbor, MI USA


2013 Ann Arbor City Tennis Tournament

Australian Film,television Radio School - Sydney

Results Report Summary

O'Connor, James

Men's Singles: 4.0
Men's Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Aaron Marlow

Clague Middle School - Ann Arbor

Results Report Summary

Froehlich, James

Men's Age Singles: 50+

Eastern Michigan University - Ypsilanti

Results Report Summary

Belcher, Kelly

Mixed Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Tom Belcher

Demetral, Dimitri

Mixed Doubles: Century Partner: bonnie demetral

Hubbard, Peter

Men's Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Yoshihiro Mochizuki

Osofisan, Ademola

Men's Doubles: 9.0 Partner: John Cornack

Patel, Anand

Men's Doubles: 8.0 Partner: Steven Lund

Father Gabriel Richard High School - Ann Arbor

Results Report Summary

Gajar, Eric

Men's Doubles: 8.0 Partner: Dan Gajar

Indiana University - Bloomington

Results Report Summary

Caldwell, Anju

Mixed Doubles: Open Partner: Chris McMican

Kalamazoo College - Kalamazoo

Results Report Summary

Leblanc, Zachary

Boy's Singles: 18 and Under

Michigan State University - East Lansing

Results Report Summary

St. Pierre, Hunter

Men's Singles: 4.0

Michigan Technological University - Houghton

Results Report Summary

Meyers, August

Men's Doubles: 8.0 Partner: Rhodes

Pioneer High School - Ann Arbor

Results Report Summary

Jiang, Lucy

Girls Doubles: 18 and Under Partner: Sanika Kulkarni

Purdue University - West Lafayette

Results Report Summary

Alson, Jeff

Men's Doubles: 50+ Partner: Steve Jensen
Mixed Doubles: Century Partner: Barbara Wasneski

Saline High School - Saline

Results Report Summary

Brewer, Tim

Men's Doubles: 8.0 Partner: Noe Erasaga

Syracuse University - Syracuse

Results Report Summary

Heumann, Daniel

Mixed Doubles: 6.0 Partner: Loren Levy
Men's Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Robert McCurrach

Tappan Middle School - Ann Arbor

Results Report Summary

Chapman, Fred

Men's Doubles: 9.0 Partner: Carey Culbertson

University Of Chicago - Chicago

Results Report Summary

Storey, Amy

Women's Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Connie Ray

University Of Detroit - Detroit

Results Report Summary

Liu, Che-Hung

Men's Doubles: 8.0 Partner: Hsun Jen Chuang

Yum, Juil

Mixed Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Yoonkyung Cha

University Of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Results Report Summary

Chen, Yeh-hsin

Mixed Doubles: 6.0 Partner: Wan-Ning Chen
Men's Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Juhchin Yang

Hoellerbauer, Jakob

Mixed Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Paulina Glovick

Jensen, Steve

Men's Doubles: 50+ Partner: Jeff Alson

Kung, Yung-Hao

Men's Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Guo-Hao Lin

Lee, Joon Sung

Men's Doubles: 8.0 Partner: In-ho Lee

Mindell, Amy

Women's Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Lisa Coyle

Ryoo, Sara

Women's Singles: 3.0
Women's Doubles: 6.0 Partner: Sun Young Ahn
Mixed Doubles: 7.0 Partner: Rae Sung Chang

Shields, Bruce

Men's Doubles: 8.0 Partner: Bill Quarton

Zhou, Alan

Men's Doubles: Open Partner: Thai-Binh Nguyen
Boys Doubles: 18 and Under Partner: Thai-Binh Nguyen

Fried, Aaron

Men's Doubles: 6.0 Partner: Pete Roe

Gauger, DeVeaux

Men's Doubles: 6.0 Partner: Scott Riedel

Kim, Eun Soo

Men's Doubles: 6.0 Partner: Sung Joo Kim

Marley, Vivian

Women's Doubles: 6.0 Partner: Rachel Cwiek

Wynn, Mike

Mixed Doubles: 6.0 Partner: Renee Kasperek-Wynn

Va Tech - Blacksburg

Results Report Summary

Veeraraghavan, Arun

Men's Singles: 4.5

Washtenaw Community College - Ann Arbor

Results Report Summary

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