Rhema Racquetball Tournament

Racquetball Tournament 6/22/2018 - 6/24/2018
Rhema Racquetball Tournament
Ninowski Recreation Center - Tulsa, OK USA

Tournament Info - Players read this!:

Start times are now available and posted on the tournament website. Click here to view the start times.

We are employing two different facilities this time, with a total of 6 courts. Everyone must check in at Rhema when they first arrive, even if their first match is at Health Zone! You must check in, pay (if you haven't already), pick up your tournament t-shirt and any other goodies, and sign up for raffle and giveaway items, and all of this can only be done at Rhema. You will not need to check in at Rhema prior to every match, only when you first show up - after that, just go to the facility that you need to be at.

We will be using Saint Francis Health Zone on Friday evening, and then again during the day Saturday. By Saturday afternoon, we will transition all players back to Rhema for the remainder of the tournament. There will be fruit, snacks, protein bars, and drinks available at both facilities for the duration of the event. However, all meals will be at Rhema only! Players are welcome to commute back and forth as needed to grab food and run. If you are playing at Health Zone, feel free to check in at Rhema and grab food to take with you! By Saturday evening, everyone will be back at Rhema for the steak dinner.

Please check in 30 minutes prior to your match, and please make sure to arrive at the correct club! All scheduled match times also indicate a facility. HZ or NRC.

HZ = Health Zone. This is a fantastic full service gym with two immaculate glass back courts.
Saint Francis Health Zone
5353 East 68th St. S.
Tulsa, OK 74136

NRC = Ninowski Recreation Center - This is Rhema! The NRC is their campus gym / rec. center, and is located on Rhema Bible College's campus.
Ninowski Recreation Center
1367 W. Kenosha St.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Google Maps shows that these facilities are about 6 miles apart, and it is approx. a 15 minute drive. Both facilities are located extremely close to 71st Street (Kenosha is 71st - Broken Arrow just likes to rename things to confuse people). However, traffic can be a beast on 71st Street, so that 15 minutes could easily double during bad traffic hours (evenings mostly). Nonetheless, it is a straight shot from one facility to the other down 71st.

We have made every effort to avoid scheduling players at both facilities, but there are a handful of people who will have to commute back and forth. Make every effort to be at each match on time, but do not worry that we will penalize you if you are having to commute. If possible, just inform someone at the desk at either facility if you will be late.

We look forward to seeing everyone, and are excited about this event. We have 72 players, that is the most we've had in well over 10 years at ANY event in OK!

One last item if you made it this far in your reading. We recommend you bring a towel if you intend to use the Rhema locker rooms to shower. The NRC is a college gym / rec. room, not a full service gym. They have typically had a handful of towels for us, but we ran out last time!

Contact info if you have questions or problems:
Lacy Kindschi (The boss!) - Tournament desk at Rhema: 918-521-6193
Matthew Kindschi: 918-521-6213
Rick Cunningham (tournament desk at HZ): 539-777-3123

General Information:
The Oklahoma Racquetball Association invites you to participate in our Rhema Summer Tournament. The last event we had at Rhema was fantastic, and we anticipate that this one will be even better. We have sanctioned this tournament as a three day event on June 22nd - 24th. Doubles play will begin Friday, and conclude on Saturday, while singles play will begin Saturday and conclude on Sunday. We will have divisions for all skill levels and all ages! For past events, we have kept Friday as an evening only, but based on the number of participants, we may need to make Friday a full day, or at least an earlier start. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but if you are unable to play at all on Friday, you will likely need to play singles only!
We have prize money this time, thanks to a number of helpful sponsors! We are putting prize money on Open Singles and Open Doubles. Prize money is as follows:
Men's Open Singles: 1st Place: $500. 2nd Place: $250 3rd Place: $100.
Men's Open Doubles: 1st Place: $300 / team 2nd Place: $150 / team 3rd Place: $80 / team

Match format will be single elimination with a dropdown consolation bracket, or round robin in smaller divisions. All participants are guaranteed a minimum of two matches per division (barring forfeits from opponents).

Players are allowed to enter up to three total divisions. However, due to scheduling issues, a maximum of two singles or two doubles divisions are allowed.

Game format will be 2 games to 15 points and tie breakers to 11 points. Game format for consolation matches may be modified to shorten matches should time constraints become an issue. Director reserves the right to alter division formats or combine divisions based on number of participants.

We will have referees for each match at this event if at all possible. Winners of a match are required to ref a match or find a suitable replacement to ref.

The official ball for this event is the Pro Penn HD (purple).

The food offered will be top notch as per usual, and all meals are included with your entry fee. We will have dinner on Friday evening, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch (if necessary) on Sunday. More specifics to come later, but we have had Olive Garden, Chick-Fil-A, steak dinners from Golden Corral, pizza, catered BBQ, and pancake breakfasts. There will be snacks and beverages available throughout the tournament as well. You won't find a tournament with better food, bring your Thanksgiving pants!

Racquetball Tournament in Tulsa, OK USA

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