AZ WOR VII Final Battle

Racquetball Tournament 4/5/2019 - 4/7/2019
AZ WOR VII Final Battle
Bonsall Park (Chicken Park) (Harry Bonsall Sr Park N) - Glendale, AZ USA

2018/2019 Battle Campaign

VII Finial Battle

No Matter what Accomplishments you make, Somebody helps you.

Starting/Playing Times

This will be our Seventh battle this season and our seventh season thus far. Our name is Arizona Outdoor Racquetball and we tell people to come play outdoor racquetball. During this time, we have brought 318 players from over 12 states together to compete. Nowadays more players come to get together and enjoy each other’s company and have fun. Oh yes, we still get players that come to see what outdoor racquetball is about and we have crowned 630 champions still having great competitive matches but come rain or shine it’s all about getting together. For that we like to thank all of you for your support and the good times.

Friday Free 4 All is just that, everyone welcome and to players wanting to learn how to Open players trying their skill on Pro Daniel & Michelle de la Rose mixed world champions. Get questions answered about rules and ways to improve your game.

Pickleball anyone? Saturday and Sunday if you are interested let us know, so we can reserve the courts.

Invite your friends to join us by playing, watching or supporting our players in a family tailgate atmosphere. More food than normal will be provided but feel free to bring your own, we'll even bring the grill. Alcohol is allowed but please NO glass containers!

Sign up please by Monday Noon April 1st and you will receive one raffle ticket! Register now for a division you want to play in and you can add or change divisions later. Normal registration fee for your first event is $30 each additional event $10. Except for the FREE division all players require a current competitive WOR membership of only $15 for the year.

Awards & Raffle: $2 per ticket or $5 for 3

Dolly Steamboat cruise

WOR Nationals July 11-14, 2019 2nd & 3rd entries

3WallBall Sept 25-29, 2019 2nd entries

Arizona Division Battle Campaign Champion

Arizona Division Battle Campaign Champions. Points are awarded based on the combination of participation and your ability to advance in each division. Division leaders are a combination of both Singles and Doubles points earned. Arizona Ranking & Recognition

Call us if you have items to donate towards our Raffle.
Help, Questions or Concerns call the aka Boss: Michelle 602 315-5919





50+ Singles

100+ Doubles


0730 late sign up

0730 late sign up

0800 starting time

0800 starting time

Rules Clinic

C Singles

B Singles


0830 late sign up

0830 late sign up

0900 starting time

0900 starting time

Free 4 All

A Singles

PRO/Open Singles


0930 late sign up

0930 late sign up

1000 starting time

1000 starting

ProKennex Demo

C Doubles

B Doubles


1030 late sign up

1030 late sign up

Daniel & Michelle

de la Rosa

1100 starting time

1100 starting time

A Doubles

Advanced Mixed

1130 late sign up

1200 late sign up

1200 starting time

1230 starting time

Intermediate Mixed


Singles & Doubles

1230 late sign up

1230 late sign up

1300 starting time

1300 starting time

PRO/Open Doubles

1330 late sign up

1400 starting time

Scramble Doubles

1530 late sign up

1600 starting time

Racquetball Tournament in Glendale, AZ USA

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