2019 National Championships for High School Racquetball

Racquetball Tournament 2/27/2019 - 3/3/2019
2019 National Championships for High School Racquetball
Vetta Racquet Sports-CONCORD - St. Louis, MO USA

FOR 3/3: Championship Sunday -- Important Weather Information!
Both Vetta complexes are open and ready to go for today's event. The High School Nationals are still on, as scheduled, for today. With that said, weather conditions could make the drive slow today. If you feel it is unsafe to travel, please use your best judgment. We will be flexible with late arrivals.
Check back here for updates


Welcome to the USA Racquetball 2019 National High School Championships.

Presented by Penn Hosted at the Vetta Racquet Sports Clubs.

To watch the Livestream broadcast of the matches played on the Championship court, visit the USA Racquetball website and click on the High School banner ad.


Players Guide: Download


USA Racquetball at 719-499-9561 Championships@usaracquetball.com


Online Entry Deadline Friday- Feb. 8th 9:00 pm -postmarked by February 11th

Late Deadline ($20 fee) Friday- Feb. 15th @ 9:00 pm *All times are MST

USA Racquetball reserves the right to close entries of any division as of regular deadline. Refunds (less a $10.00 service fee) are available prior to February 16th, 4pm MT. Additional fees may include $25 for returned checks and $10.00 for declined debit/credit cards. Refunds processed 7 days after event is completed.


Monday, February 25th @ 4:00pm online at usaracquetball.com.


Tuesday, February 26th @ 4pm-7pm

***Check-in at Vetta Racquet Sports Concord Only

PLAY BEGINS - Wednesday, February 27th @10 am

PLAY ENDS - Sunday, March 3th @ 4pm

AWARDS CEREMONY: Sunday, March 3th @ 5pm
***immediately after last match!


Vetta Racquet Sports - Concord

12320 Old Tesson Rd

St. Louis, MO 63128

(314) 842-3111

10 courts

Vetta Racquet Sports - West

1330 Harvestowne Ind Dr.

St. Peters, MO 63304

(636) 441-0006

6 courts


Reserve your rental car with Enterprise and use discount code: USARDSC


Holiday Inn SW Route 66

10709 Watson Rd

St. Louis, MO 63127

(314) 821-6600

$99 per night up to four people

Full breakfast included

ROOM BLOCK ENDS: (Only 45 rooms!) - Sunday, February 3rd


1973 Craigshire Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63146

(314) 434-0100

$125 per night up to four people

Full breakfast included

ROOM BLOCK ENDS: (Only 20 rooms!) - Sunday, February 3rd


Urban explorer, die-hard sports fan, aficionado of family fun…no matter what type of traveler you are, you’ll find what you’re looking for, it’s all in a day’s fun in St. Louis. Journey to the top of the Gateway Arch, discover our unique neighborhood or take a historic tour of Civil War sites. https://explorestlouis.com/


Champions in the Boys and Girls #1 divisions will qualify for a one-year appointment to the U.S. National Team.


Quarter-finalists in Singles #1 and Finalists in Singles #2, plus Doubles #1 Semi-finalists and #2 finalists, will receive commemorative certificates.


Awards will be given to schools competing in the team competition for Boys, Girls and Overall.


All participants must be a current USA Racquetball member.


USA Racquetball Official Rules will govern competition, including the mandatory use of protective eyewear.


All Divisions will receive 1st-4th place National Championship medals.


Olympic Format with 4 flights in each age group, Gold, Blue, Red & White, thus ensuring that a player typically has a minimum of 3 matches per division and eventually plays against similarly skilled players during the event.


With special thanks to MOHSRA, hospitality will be offered once per day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. A tournament souvenir will be given to all participants at registration.


High School racquetball is great fun and is a perfect chance to get away with your friends & family. Enjoy the camaraderie and lifelong sporting friendships racquetball brings.


No one shall participate in any high school racquetball contest unless they are a bonafide student at an accredited high school, regularly enrolled and doing full work as defined by the regulations of the institution.


All coaches must complete the SafeSport training prior to coaching a match. All SafeSport Trained certificates must be sent to RGundolff@usaracquetball.com by February 22, 2019.

To learn more about the SafeSport program, please visit: https://www.teamusa.org/usa-racquetball/instructors/safesport


If a school has one player, that player may represent their school as an individual but must play #1 singles.


Singles, doubles and mixed doubles are offered. In doubles, both players must be from the same school. All Divisions are Championship Divisions.


Players will compete for team and individual National Racquetball Championships in Boys, Girls, and Overall Team Competition. Teams will consist of players in 6 singles divisions, 3 doubles divisions for boys, girls, and 3 mixed divisions. Divisions are numbered 1 thru 6 in singles and 1, 2, and 3 in doubles. The top-ranked player on a team must enter Division #1, the second-ranked player in Division #2, and so on. Division #6 in singles and Division #3 in all doubles events are open to all players not entered in a higher division. No two players from the same school may play in the same division, except Division #6 in singles, and Divisions #3 in all doubles events. If there are fewer than 6 players, boys or girls, on a team, divisions must be filled from the top first, that is Division #1 Singles, then Division #2 Singles, and so on.

All singles players are guaranteed 3 matches, including forfeits and byes. All players will earn points for their school toward the Team Championships. Players may enter 3- events, however, they must be separate events, and the 3rd event must be mixed doubles. Singles divisions will use Olympic Format (Gold, plus Blue, Red, and White).

Doubles divisions will be single elimination and have only one consolation round. In doubles, just as in singles, the intent is for the best doubles team from each school to enter Division #1, the second-best team will enter Division #2, etc.


Points will be earned according to the round of your final loss (or victory if you win the division). Points are not cumulative; forfeits or byes are considered matches won. Point System will be available at the Match Check-in desk for Coaches review.


Match losers are required to referee. Players who do not referee will be penalized 500 points (from team total).


All Players are required to take and pass the online A-7 High School Referee Test prior to the event. The test is FREE!! To do so, log into your USA Racquetball profile> Courses and Testing > A-7 High School Referee Test.


All parents and coaches must remain in far corners of the viewing area on the court. No speaking directly to the referee and all issues or complaints must be brought to the tournament desk immediately.


Penn is the Official Ball of USA Racquetball and the ProPenn Green ball will be used in all matches.


Each receiving team member must clearly take a position on opposite sides of the backcourt within 10 seconds of the score being called. Failure to do so is a delay of game.

Definition of legal serve: The serve must bounce in the middle or in the correct side of the court and must remain either in the middle or in the correct side of the court for the second bounce if it were to occur.

The boy must serve to the boy and the girl must serve to the girl. Any serve that is judged by the referee to be served to the incorrect player is a fault serve (same as a short serve).

Only the boy may return the boy’s serve; only the girl may return the girl’s serve. Returning serve out of turn is considered an encroachment and results in a point for the serving team.


By Thursday, February 21st @ 5pm you must have submitted your final player positions.


Online at the event site, Monday, February 25th @ 4pm


Send email to: championships@usaracquetball.com by Tuesday, February 26th @ 12pm


Online at the event site Monday, February 25th @ 4pm


Send email to: Championships@usaracquetball.com with name/divisions/school by Tuesday, February 26th @ 8am.

Racquetball Tournament in St. Louis, MO USA

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