2009 Northeast Collegiate Regional Championships

Racquetball Tournament 2/20/2009 - 2/22/2009
2009 Northeast Collegiate Regional Championships
Court Club - Albany, NY

Questions, please contact Rob VanSchalkwyk @ vanschalkwykr@hotmail.com

Alumni please sign up for the Mens or Womens ELITE divisions. All Collegiate Entries are subject to the ECRC roster rules/regulations and sign up for the Collegiate Divisions.

2009 Northeast Collegiate Regional Championship Information:

2009 ECRC Northeast Collegiate Regional Championships will be held February 20-22, 2009 at The Court Club in Albany, NY. This is a USAR sanctioned event and membership is required. If not a USAR member you must purchase membership. Membership is good for 1 calendar year and allows you to compete in any USAR sanctioned event. There is no weekend pass and no exceptions. USAR Membership is Mandatory! All USAR rules and regulations apply.

This event is a stand-alone event and is not part of the (4) four ECRC meets that consist of the ECRC season. The final event of the ECRC season is Meet #4 at Penn State University held January 30-February 1.


2009 ECRC Northeast Collegiate Regional Championships

February 20-22 (Play begins as early as 9 A.M. on Friday)

Must be actively in College and pursuing a higher education degree. Proof of eligibility must be furnished upon request.

Web Link: The Court Club
444 Sand Creek Road
Albany, New York 12205
Phone: 518-459-4444

Bring your own locks. Please bring your own towels.

Includes 10 Racquetball courts and 3 International Squash courts.

Entry Fees
Racquetball Event: Singles and/or Doubles are all subject to a $45 entry fee. Entry fee covers your Collegiate entry into Singles and Doubles. Also includes: Food/Drink at the Club throughout the weekend, opportunity to win raffle prizes, tournament gift, and more.
Squash Event: Singles Only! $10/player
Paper, Rock, Scissors: Free! (everyone is automatically entered into this event)

Alumni Division: $60 Entry Fee covers both Singles/Doubles. Also includes your food/drink throughout the weekend, opportunity to win raffle prizes, and more.

Racquetball: All divisions are Collegiate and will be played in the Olympic format. For more information on the Olympic format, click http://www.ecrcracquetball.org/olympicformat.htm.
Singles & Doubles: Mens/Womens 1, Mens/Womens 2, Mens/Womens 3, Mens/Womens 4 (Divisions will be combined/cancelled based on entries at Tournament Director(s) discretion)
Squash Event: Beginner and Advanced. If necessary, Intermediate level will be added.
Paper, Rock, Scissors: Random seeding.

Note: Individuals or small teams must enter as dictated by the Division restrictions below. Any special requests must be placed with the Tournament Director(s) Shane Wood or Rob VanSchalkwyk. If you have questions on how to enter/input your roster, please contact Rob VanSchalkwyk @ vanschalkwykr@hotmail.com.

Rosters are due in by Monday, February 16 at 6:00 PM ET.

A full team consists of 8 Men and 8 Women. Rosters should be sent in ranked order from 1 thru 8 for Singles and 1 thru 4 for Doubles. If you do not have a full team, please include all players on your roster and if you have an odd number, please note if your odd player would like to play doubles.

Entries into Divisions will be made in the following format.
#1 Player and #2 Player in Division 1
#3 Player and #4 Player in Division 2
#5 Player and #6 Player in Division 3
#7 Player and #8 Player in Division 4
(Players may be combined into other divisions based upon entries at the discretion of the Tournament Director)

#1 Doubles Team in Division 1
#2 Doubles Team in Division 2
#3 Doubles Team in Division 3
#4 Doubles Team in Division 4
(Teams may be combined into other divisions based upon entries at the discretion of the Tournament Director)

(Maximum 2 Team Limit.)

Starting Times/Draws
Will be available at latest 8 PM ET on Thursday February 19.

Tournament Web Site: 2009 Northeast Collegiate Regional Championships

Hotel Information
Best Western
200 Wolf Road
Albany, NY. 12205
Group Code: ECRC or Racquetball Tournament - Call and ask for Brenda at extension 292. If you have any issues, please contact myself or Shane.
Rate: $76/night plus taxes

Tournament Banquet is hosted at the Best Western on Saturday evening. Banquet begins at 7:30. Dinner will be served at 8:00.

Additional Tickets will be $20/person. Please email Rob VanSchalkwyk @ vanschalkwykr@hotmail.com if you wish to attend/inquire about attending.

Awards Ceremony
Presented at the tournament banquet. Approximate start time will be 9:00 P.M.
Presentations include:
Smokechievement Awards (ECRC superlatives)
Individual Season Awards (Newcomer of the Year, Most Improved Player, Most Valuable Player)
Team Awards (Team Spirit Award)

2008-2009 ECRC Season Champions - Will include complete scoring breakdown from the 2008-2009 ECRC Season and trophy presentation to the 3rd Place, 2nd Place and Champions of Mens, Womens and Combined Scoring.


Stringing will be provided by RacquetWorld.com. Equipment will also be available to purchase from RacquetWorld.com in advance of the event and will be ready for you upon arrival.

Clothing/Apparel will be available for purchase from RacquetWorld.com and RolloutRacquetball.

Skills Competition: Tentatively there may be a skills competition on Saturday with racquetball prizes.


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact me. I believe I have covered just about everything.



Racquetball Tournament in Albany, NY

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