2011 Mayor's Cup Handball Championships

Handball Tournament 7/9/2011 - 7/10/2011
2011 Mayor's Cup Handball Championships
Central Park North Meadow - New York, NY USA

The Inner City Handball Association will host the 17th Annual Mayor’s Cup Handball Tournament on July 9, 10 2011 at designated handball courts in Central Park North Meadow, Manhattan.
What makes this event special is that it not only shows spectators that we care about our sport but that we care about saving lives. Thanks to player and sponsor support we plan to meet our goal is to donate $5,000.00 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer Research Fund at the finals of the Mayor’s Cup. That will local handball player support of the cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer in the Mayors Cup to $40,000.00.

All matches are held Saturday & Sunday at Central Park North Meadow
All players should arrive 30 minutes before posted playing time.
All players should be prepared to play 15 minutes early
Late arrivals RISK FORFEIT

PRO, OPEN and 60 Singles see draws sheets for playing time
Boys 15 Singles - SAT. 8:00am
Boys 17 Singles - SAT. 8:00am
Boys 19 Singles - SAT. 9:00am
Men B Singles - SAT. 10:00am
All Girls Singles - SAT. NOON
All DOUBLES SAT. 2:00pm


Handball Tournament in New York, NY USA

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    Handball Tournament
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    Handball Tournament
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