2018 National Intercollegiate Championships

Racquetball Tournament 3/14/2018 - 3/17/2018
2018 National Intercollegiate Championships
University Of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN USA



Racquetball: 2018 National Intercollegiate Championships
Date: 3/18/2019
Time: 2:29:01 PM PST

Match Report
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Cluff, Lincoln (Portland, OR)

Men's Collegiate Doubles: #3
Single Elimination w/ Consolation All Division History
    LOST (Final)   Erik Holman / Ryan Chin (Points: 75)  Oregon State University, OR  def.  Lincoln Cluff / Spencer Bankhead (Points: 50)  Brigham Young University, OR  15-11, 15-8
    WON (Semis)   Lincoln Cluff / Spencer Bankhead (Points: 50)  Brigham Young University, OR  def.  Brady Yelverton / Thomas Sammons (Points: 25)  Colorado State University, TX  15-13, 9-15, 11-5
    WON (Qtrs)   Lincoln Cluff / Spencer Bankhead (Points: 25)    def.  Alec Dickison / Brian Goyda (Points: 0)  University Of Missouri, MO  15-8, 15-7
Total Division Points: 50
Men's Collegiate Singles: No. 4 Gold
Olympic Format: Gold All Division History
    LOST (3rd)   Ethan Slutzky (Points: 100)  (Chesterfield, MO)  def.  Lincoln Cluff (Points: 80)    15-14, 15-6
    LOST (Semis)   Aaron Booker (Points: 120)  (Pueblo, CO)  def.  Lincoln Cluff (Points: 80)    15-7, 15-4
    WON (Qtrs)   Lincoln Cluff (Points: 80)    def.  Tyler Hoffmann (Points: 0)  (O'Fallon, MO)  15-10, 15-3
    WON (16's)   Lincoln Cluff (Points: 0)    def.  Jarrod Kassuba (Points: 0)  (College Station, TX)  15-5, 15-1
Total Division Points: 80

Total Player Points: 130

Racquetball Tournament
Racquetball Tournament
Racquetball Tournament
Racquetball Tournament
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