Nor-Cal Doubles Championships

Racquetball Tournament 5/18/2018 - 5/20/2018
Nor-Cal Doubles Championships
Shasta Athletic Club - Redding, CA USA

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Addison, Eric
Alderson, Bob
Alderson, Kelly
Avila, Rosendo
Baker, Michael
Bales, Dennis
Bennett, Josh
Bern, Michael
Biehl, Frank
Bilbrough, Brenna
Binning, Aj
Cheung, Lisa
Churchwell, John
Coster, Ken
Cruz, Gerry
Cruz, Kathy
Davis, Bud
Diaz, Ricardo
Duncan, Dave
Fabela, Mike
Finch, Chad
Gage, Dennis
Garcia, Robert
Gummo, Dan
Haight, David
Hale, Nathan
Haley, Shaun
Hall, Jerry
Hauser, Charles
Heffner, Mikel
Hernandez, Gilbert
Hernandez, Luis
Hill, Craig
Hutson, Kevin
Hutson, Mike
Johnson, Dave
Johnson, Kurtis
Jones, George
Julbes, Paul
King, Ryan
Lee, John
Lusso, Dean
Mandella, Vic
Martinez, Regina
Medina, Victor
Mendes, Paul
Morin, Laura
Nowain, Ben
O'Brien, Robert
Pasillas, Isidro
Portillo, Frank
Rambach, Arron
Rees, James
Richardson-Jolley, Tifani
Rojas, Antonio
Rojas, Jesse
Rose, Thorin
Rossi, Robert
Salas, Ivan
Schmitz, Michael
Schulte, Mike
Shrewsberry, Matthew
Sithixay, Maily
Snow, Greg
Soderquist, Damon
Soulsby, Cowboy
Stambaugh, Scott
Stark, Jeff
Taylor, Matt
Thayer, Robert
Torres, Israel
Valdes, Vic
Vanderpool, Joe
Vernon, Harry
Vorhies, Tyler
Whitehead, Karen
Williamson, Sherbert
Winings, John
Winings, Marni
Worstman, Wayne
Yuill, Cindy

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