WPH/Ektelon KC 3 Wall Fireball Classic

Handball Tournament 7/8/2010 - 7/11/2010
WPH/Ektelon KC 3 Wall Fireball Classic
Kansas City Athletic Club - Kansas City, KS USA



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Division Code
Division Type
Division Name
Draw Type
Winner Runner-Up Semis / 3rd Semis / 4th Qtrs / 5th Qtrs / 6th Qtrs / 7th Qtrs / 8th

Men's Doubles

Golden Masters (50+)


Single Elimination

Jimmy Devito / Mark Murphy

Bobby Vickers / Charlie Sutera

Bill Skelly / Tim Nass

Jeff Gauch / John Sanford

Lou Serrone / Narayana Martin

Dave Mcdowell / Larry Juarez

Buddy Hahs / Jim Lewis

Russ Finkle / Terry Petersen

Men's Doubles

Master (40+)


Double Elimination

Joel Rush / Tom Disidore

Chris Herbig / Paul Pfannenstiel

Men's Doubles

Super (60+)


Single Elimination

Chris Bolling / Jerry Sokie

Gary Brake / Phil Mclaughlin

Charles Smrha / Jim Cosentino

Bob Bruno / Jim Sutera

David Duckers / Dick Scherzer

Men's Singles



Single Elimination

David Vincent, Iv

Hector Facio Sr

Nick Deitch

Matthew Recker

Donny Little

Matt Balcer

Tony Orel

Jeffrey Sutera

Men's Singles



Single Elimination

Luis Moreno

Emmett Peixoto

David Chapman

Andy Nett

Dane Szatkowski

David Fink

Bill Mehilos

Nikolai Nahorniak

Division Code
Division Type
Division Name
Draw Type
Winner Runner-Up Semis / 3rd Semis / 4th Quarters / 5th Quarters / 6th Quarters / 7th Quarters / 8th

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