Tournament: 2016 3WB Outdoor World Championships & 1 Wall International Challenge (Race2Vegas Gold Cup Finale): Handball

9/21/2016 - 9/25/2016, THE STRAT HOTEL - Las Vegas, NV USA

3WallBall Outdoor World Championships September 21-25, 2016 - Las Vegas, NV @ the Stratosphere Hotel Tower Casino - Entry Deadline Nears!!!!


Handball Tournament in Las Vegas, NV USA
Registration Page for Handball available HERE> Once on this event page you can scroll down to find the Racquetball & Paddleball on Line Entry. Use your tabs on this page to also find deadline, hotel, entry fee, daily schedule, prize money and more!
Entry Deadline for Handball is September 19th @ 3am Central Time - and may be closed by seeding and event directors at "any time after the deadline of Sept 16th." All un-paired doubles teams will also be released from the draw after the deadline. So, get your partner to enter PRONTO! This is a fair warning.
Stratosphere Hotel has the lowest prices on the Strip for their star level, is our title sponsor and offers a discount code for those attending this event (player, fan, sponsor, et al). The courts are located on the Stratosphere Property and shall take an average of two minutes to walk to the main show court from almost any visible property location. Read More HERE>
Start Times - Men’s Small Ball 3 Wall Divisions for Singles & Doubles begin play Thursday Afternoon, September 22nd (w/final Saturday Night). All Men’s 1 Wall Divisions will start Friday, September 23rd. All Big Ball 3Wall Singles Divisions begin Friday Morning, September 23rd, and conclude w/final on Sunday. All Big Ball 3Wall Doubles Divisions begin Friday afternoon. Women’s Divisions (1 & 3Wall) Start as early as Friday, Sept 23rd, in the evening hours. Junior Divisions begin play on Saturday, September 24th.
Non-Player Entry - If you have a friend or family member traveling with you, or if you plan to attend but not play, please enter the event as a Non-Player to receive the same perks that players receive (IE gift bag, food coupons, drink tokens, Stratosphere trinkets and tons of free swag). The gift bag is certainly the best souvenir set-up in all of handball!
Prize Money Increases - The WPH Outdoor Group does not receive entry fee money for this event--All prize money for Handball has to be raised independently. As sponsors and donors come aboard, we place funds right into the divisions that are performing (most players and/or #trending) and there have been some dramatic increases over the past 24 hours. The tabs have your answer, or go HERE>
Rules for Handball - have relatively stayed the same since our first year (2010); however, each year we make minor tweaks to better the game for the fans, players and ESPN brass. Find the full rules for 2016’s 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships (Handball-quadrant serving smallball singles only/NO 2 wall serve for big ball or small ball) HERE>
Official Big Ball for Handball - in Vegas is the Penn Ballistic Red Ball. Details are HERE> You can purchase the Penn Red right now for a less-than-suggested retail price, as a tester before you play, HERE>
Prize Money, Trophies & Yellow Jerseys - awarded to WPH Player’s Card Members only (membership); a participant will only be eligible for prize money if their membership is current prior to playing their first tournament match. There will be no exceptions. See the WPH before the tournament deadline for details or purchase now, HERE> Memberships will be sold at the Handball Desk in Vegas for $20.00.
Season Ending Bonuses - The Race2Vegas will award bonus money to the Top Four Ranked Women & Men (to be paid after the Vegas Event concludes at the Simple Green US Open of Handball in October). A player in the top four must: 1. Be a WPH member holding a player’s card before their first match in Vegas -and- US Open 2. Be entered in the US Open in an outdoor ranked division and present - in order to receive their yearly bonus. See WPH with questions: The Outdoor Rankings use small ball, big ball, 1 wall & 3 wall singles and doubles results to determine points throughout the 2016 season. WPH Outdoor will calculate the player’s best three results in Vegas from: Pro Big Ball Men’s & Women’s Singles/Doubles 1 & 3 Wall plus Pro Men’s Small Ball Singles & Doubles.
Top 4 Ranked Men & Women's, post Vegas, Bonus Payouts as follows: 1st $1,000, 2nd $500, 3rd $400, 4th $350 - In case of a tie the WPH will first look at current season head-to-head match ups, then Vegas result match ups. If a tie still occurs, there could be a sudden death play-off to seven points (win by two) where one player will pick the wall (3 wall or 1 wall) on the coin flip and the opponent will pick the ball (big or small).
ESPN Coverage - WPHLiveTV will be broadcasting Handball, Racquetball & Paddleball on ESPN3 & the WatchESPN App beginning Friday, September 23rd, 2016. Both show courts will be filmed and streamed by the WPH film crew. Please wear approved ESPN clothing if your name is called. The WPH is attempting to promote the sport with hopes of growing the game and we need your help volunteering as a ref, line judge and more! Contact us and please help us promote this exciting game by downloading the App on iTunes, the Play Store and more.
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