Contest: 2018 Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games: Piping and Drumming

6/9/2018 - 6/10/2018, Utah State Fairpark - Salt Lake City, UT USA

Welcome to the 2018 Utah Scottish Festival held at the Utah State Fairpark
Saturday June 9th and Sunday June 10th, 2018.

Piping and Drumming Tournament in Salt Lake City, UT USA


The Utah Scottish Festival is offering band competitions for grades 2-5. Band competitions will be held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Bands are eligible to receive:
  • prize money
  • performance fee
  • travel money


All amateur grades will be offered on Saturday or Sunday morning:
  • Piping grades 1-3 (piobaireachd and three light musicevents in each grade)
  • Piping grade 4 (piobaireachd and two light music events)
  • Snare grades 1-4 (two events in each grade)
  • Amateur tenor and bass grades (two events offered when available)
  • Practice Chanter and Practice Pad
We take pride in running a well-organized and efficient event. We are located in the heart of WUSPBA, it's a great place for bands and soloists from all WUSPBA branches to gather. Online entries are available through Saturday, May 19th. Please contact Jeff Mann if you have any questions

Band Events:


  • Grade 5 – March, Slow March, March
  • Grade 4 – Mini MSR
  • Grade 3 – Time Limit Medley
  • Grade 2 – MSR


  • Grade 5 – Quick March, Medley
  • Grade 4 – Time Limit Medley
  • Grade 3 –MSR
  • Grade 2 –Medley

Further band and solo information will be coming soon.

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