Tournament: 2019 3WallBall World Championships -- Handball

9/26/2019 - 9/29/2019, THE STRAT HOTEL - Las Vegas, NV USA

THE STRAT HOTEL joins World Outdoor Racquetball and Handball to bring the largest outdoor tournament under the sun in Las Vegas on September 26 – 29, 2019. With over 850 players expected and over a thousand matches to be played, the players and fans will enjoy the great weather, great special events, exciting play, and, of course, all of the day and night life of Las Vegas. On the last weekend in September, the event will take advantage of the great fall weather with highs forecast in the low 90’s and lows in the mid 60’s.

Your entry fee includes: 3WB commemorative shirt, swag bag, THE STRAT Crafted Buffet meals Thursday, Friday and Saturday ($84 value). Water and fresh fruit will be provided. Deadline is Saturday, September 14th by 8pm Pacific Time!!!

Stay at THE STRAT HOTEL directly across Las Vegas Boulevard from the courts with discounted rates of only Sunday-Thursday $44 Fri & Sat & $74 each night plus taxes and fees. Call 800-998-6937 7am - 10pm PST. Room rates based double occupancy.

Codes Group: World 3 Wall Ball Championships 2019 and/or Code C-3WB19 Phone # 1-800 998 6937 7AM -10 PM PST

BOOK ASAP limited number of rooms at these rates you can always cancel 72 hours before with no cost. You must call to receive the group rate.

Come see the $140 Million renovation at THE STRAT. New Restaurants - STRAT Café & Wok, Blvd & Main Taphouse, the renown Top of the World restaurant has new deco and menu, an expanded Starbucks is now more centrally located to all the hotel and an additional floor high in the sky at the 108 EATS / DRINKS on the observation deck.

And while you are in Las Vegas, along with everything else that you can enjoy besides the tournament, you can check out the Celestia show.

Prize money is being raised in all sports for this event and will post by June 1st 2019 .

And if interested in being a sponsor please contact Mike Coulter - Gold, Silver & Bronze levels are being solicited.


Each year, the 3WallBall World Championships bring court-sports to new levels of excitement. This year is particularly special – Join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the 3WB event and the induction of Mike Coulter into the WOR Hall of Fame.

This September 26th, THE STRAT Hotel plays host the biggest, most publicized event in the combined history for Handball, Paddleball & Racquetball and we want you to join us! So, why should I do Vegas this year? We asked the directors & owners of World Outdoor Racquetball & 3WallBall LLC, and this is what they had to say... "We head into each tournament like it's our last, to insure we all put max effort toward the event in hopes of exposing Racquetball, Handball & Paddleball to the masses. Plus, Vegas is a magical place!" - Hank Marcus, World Outdoor Racquetball

"In our desire to showcase these three sports to new athletes & fans around the globe, there's no doubt in my mind that this World Championship Tournament could be held in a different location each year. But Vegas is our home! We are so grateful for the opportunity and support from THE STRAT HOTEL, City of Las Vegas, and those that have helped our sport's growth throughout the years. We are delighted to continue to support Handball at the 2019 3WB World Championships. We continue to solicit sponsors for prize money in all 3 sports for this event and we are committed to bring you the best possible event in this 10th year. Join us as we work to grow the game. If this is your first and only trip to Vegas -or- if you've been with us since the first year, we cannot thank you enough." - Mike Coulter, 3WB Event Organizer.

SEPT 26-29, 2019 ~ LAS VEGAS, NV LETS MAKE THIS EVENT ONE TO REMEMBER Enter at or get more info by going to Event tab. The schedule of the events days are under this tab and we continue to update the site almost weekly. Questions?

Handball, Racquetball, Paddleball Sport Schedule - Deadline to enter Saturday, September 14th

Play begins at 7am on Thursday. You may play a maximum of 4 divisions in all sports combined. If you play 4 racquetball, paddleball or handball divisions, at least 1 division must be a 1 wall division and you must be available to play by 6pm Thursday. Depending on the division size, Round Robin, Pool Play and Single Elimination brackets may be offered.

Watch for more information and event details here and on And to enter the other sports:

Handball Entry:
Paddleball Entry:

Racquetball Entry:

NEW for 2019 –

No Dogs Allowed on the premises due to the Hotel Event Contract.

Reffing Requirements: Winners must ref next available match! If not, at the Director's discretion, the penalty is either forfeiture of the prior match or to begin the next match in that division with the opponent at +5 points.

Please review the ADDITIONAL INFO PAGE for the specifics of this event.

Handball Tournament in Las Vegas, NV USA

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