Tournament: Capital City WOR Championships: Racquetball

6/7/2019 - 6/9/2019, Stratton Woods Park - Herndon, VA USA

Welcome to the fourth annual Capital City WOR Championships! We are excited to be hosting the event at Stratton Woods park near Washington, DC. There will be a full weekend of racquetball including four wall and one wall events, with cash prizes offered in every division. Tournament t-shirts and plenty of food and drink will be available all weekend. You must have an active WOR membership to participate ($15/yr) and all entry fees are CASH ONLY, collected at check-in. We are offering each participant the opportunity to play four divisions, one of which must be one wall. If you are not available on Friday you may not play four divisions.
Maximum number of participants is 85 for the weekend so sign up early!
-Directors have the right to combine or cancel the divisions as needed, matches or games may be modified depending on weather/time constraints.
-Matches will be two out of 3 games played to 15, 15, 11.
-Any division with 4 or less teams will be round robin, one game to 15, the champion will be determined by games won or, in the event of a tie, games won, second tie head to head, three way tie, points scored.

Racquetball Tournament in Herndon, VA USA

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