Tournament: 2nd Annual Racquet Sport Triathlon Racquetball-Paddleball-Squash

6/29/2019 - 6/29/2019, Southfield Civic Center Park - Southfield, MI USA

2ND Annual WOR Southfield OutdooR Racquet sport Triathlon Tournament of champions
Saturday - JUNE 29TH

Southfield Civic Center - 26000 Evergreen Road - 48076

START TIME is 9AM Saturday

Please be there to be checked in at 8:30AM and warmed up and ready to play by 9:00AM.

*** NOTE - You can pick one sport, two sports, or all three sports. You DO NOT have to play all three sports to play in this event. ***
FORMAT: The format will be King of the Court doubles racquetball, KOC doubles paddleball, and singles squash, and we will have a FIRST TIME EVER OUTDOOR DOUBLES SQUASH fun division for "ANY SURVIVORS" left over from the day of play. You can pick one sport, two sports, or all three. Only one skill level to choose, and you will play that same skill in all 3 sports. So if you are an A racquetball player, you will play A squash and A paddleball, if you choose to play all 3. Each sport and skill level will have a winner and the average finish for those who play all 3 sports in each skill division will be crowned the "RacquetSport Triathalon Tournament of Champions Champion" and there will be a very special and highly coveted prize for these players.
Format will be just like the King and Queen of the court that you all know and love for both Racquetball and Paddleball divisions, PLUS Singles for Squash divisions. You can choose to play in one, two, or all three sports, but to qualify for the title and prizes, you must play ALL THREE SPORTS!

Rules: SHOOTOUT FORMAT - meaning you play everyone in your pool. Great for first time outdoor players! King of the Court/Queen of the Court - this will be a doubles tournament unlike any you've played before! This is a chance to see if you are the leader of the team, or just the back-up. You are invited to participate in a round robin doubles tournament. Each player will be guaranteed two rounds, with three games per round. This is pool play. There will be 4 players per pool, and you will play one doubles game with each of the other 3 players in your pool. Players will be grouped in the pools, depending on their WOR ranking. The top 2 players by score will advance to the next round, remaining players will fall into a drop-down division and there will be prizes for each the ?King/Queen bracket?(Top Scores) and the ?Prince/Princess bracket?(Bottom Scores). This will continue until there are only four players remaining. The player that finishes the day with the most points is the King/Queen for the winner's bracket and same goes for the Prince/Princess bracket.

Entry Fee: $30 for 1st Event and $10 for each additional - You must pre-register and pre-pay for the event or pay the late fee.
Late Fee: $10 - If you do not pre-register and pay before the entry deadline, and decide to show up on tournament day, I will try to get you in of course, no promises, but you will pay a $10 late fee.


Membership: $15 Annual Membership - You MUST be a CURRENT WOR Member to play.

Pre-pay with CC when you register on-line or Cash the day of the event with the $10 late fee.
Contacts: Greg Lewerenz (586) 907-9347

Deadline: Thursday, June 27th, 2018 9PM

Fee Covers: Tournament play, food and refreshment for players.

Rules: Mandatory eye-guard policy, and wrist straps for racquets. There will be one serve and matches will be forfeited 15 minutes after start time.

Start Times: Will be posted Friday June 28th by 5PM

Racquetball Tournament in Southfield, MI USA

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