Bracket Formats

The R2sports event management software supports multiple draw type formats

Brackets that can be used for tournaments, leagues, and seasons include:

Elimination Brackets with consolation options supporting up to 256 participants, Round Robins with different display options up to 16 competitors, Pool Play divisions up to 160 competitors in 10 different groups, and Heats with up to 200 competitors.

R2sports Screen Shots: Round Robin

Double Round Robin Tournament Chart

A double round robin tournament chart is a draw format that uses a round robin tournament bracket and repeats the matchups a second time. All participants play each other twice in the same order.

The double round robin tournament chart is displayed by round meaning all the matches within each round are grouped together on the printed bracket. This layout style is most commonly used for tournaments. Leagues and seasons more frequently use the Double round robin bracket format.

A Double round robin tournament chart would frequently be used in a tournament, league, or season division with a small number of teams so their play can be extended throughout the event.


The Double round robin tournament chart is ideal if you want to create extra matches for participants that are in small divisions and are expecting to play more. Many times in age competition the older age groups will have a small number of competitors and this format creates more tournament competition.

A team can have a few bad games and still end up placing high in the division

In sports where home field advantage is important, the double round robin tournament chart allows the same matchup to occur for both the home team and away team.


A lot of available time is needed for a double round robin tournament chart because every matchup is played twice.

Players that are beaten badly in the first matchup are forced to go up again against the stronger team again and will probably lose badly again.

Teams losing multiple games in early rounds would be out of contention early with no reason to play later matches when players enter the second half of the double round robin tournament chart.