R2sports Fixes and Updates

We continue to make fixes and create updates to make our online software more user friendly

We appreciate any comments and feedback after using the software. Below is a list of the most recent upgrades that are available to all directors. Please contact R2sports for any suggestions on how we can make it better.

Check back here frequently to view the most recent changes.

R2 App Update (2.4)

1/10/17 - R2 app integrated with challenge ladders. Receive push notifications when challenges are made and results are entered. Live feed updated to show challenges, penalty warnings, recent results, and current rankings. Directors can send verification message to participants in Setup -> Send Push Notifications and view who has viewed message in Setup -> View Sent notifications.

Enter Results Update

12/20/16 - Page to update winner and scores for a game / match updated to a mobile responsive page. Makes it easier for directors on mobile devices to enter results, and to report challenge ladder results. Requires winner selected before scores being entered to avoid mistake of entering scores without selecting a winner.

Challenge Ladder Update

12/1/16 - Ladder options page updated to a mobile response page making it easier to make and challenges from a mobile device. Bugs fixed when giving non-activity penalties. Now works as a multi-tiered system. Ability to have a local ladder with results feeding into regional ladder, with results sending to state / national ladder. And the best part, ladders are free now. Activate your Free Challenge Ladder.

Grid Streaming Links

11/18/16 - On time grid for each court / field / etc., ability to set a streaming link and text for the link. New streaming button will show up on event details screen in the app and on home page of website when game / match is live. Ability to turn link on and off. When game / match is assigned as live, the streaming link is copied to that game / match, and when finished it is removed and changed to the next game / match.

Extra Button

11/15/16 - In setup -> Set Extra Button, ability to add an extra button on the top navigation bar on the event website. This also adds a button to the event details screen in the R2 app. Set the text and link for this button. Use this to show streaming video, schedules, etc. Ability to turn the button on and off.

Scoring Systems

11/1/2016 - Individual sports can now have specific scoring systems for matches. Select default scoring system in Setup -> Set defaults for Divisions. If specific division in the event uses a different scoring system, set that option in the division options for that division. Printed scorecards will show correct scores, timeout values, etc based on the selected scoring system.

Double Elimination Update

8/27/16 - Losers bracket now listed to left of main bracket instead of below. Now supports brackets with up to 48 participants.

R2 App Update (2.2)

10/1/16 - Enhancement to allow posting of audio, text, video, and photo comments. Details screens for participant profiles, divisions, and events. Live feed home screen to view all your messages.

Time Grid Update

2/10/16 - New time grid has all features of old grid plus the following added functionality:

1) Filter to show all venues and all days of the event, instead of having to view each separately
2) Select specific courts / fields / rings to display
3) During Live event, full grid doesn’t reload each time a match / game is updated.
4) Color highlight where cursor is to easily tell which grid cell you are working with.
5) Color coded to see state of the game / match being played. Before match starts, it has white background, top is blue if the 2 participants are known. When waiting for a winner, to is orange. Grid cell turns yellow for live games, and turns gray when match is completed.
6) QR code to click and begin using scorecard app in supported sports using live scoring.
7) Automtically displays new live scores every 15 seconds
8) Automatically displays changes from other computers every minute.
9) Ability to check players or teams for the match
10) Ability to see if participant has checked into the tournament and paid entry fee.

Note: The new time grid no longer shows blank rows because the match lengths can now be independent on each court. For example court / field #1 could be 60 minutes in length, #2 could be 30 minutes, so there isn’t a good way to display a blank row and allow the flexibility of independent court / field times to all be displayed together.

Update Director Home

12/12/15 - Director home screen updated with a main menu selection, along with adding the event check list.

Event Check List

12/11/15 - Check list of items to be completed for the director with links to get to each item. On home screen it is a shortened version. Clicking on the linked title will bring up descriptions of each item.

Restricted Courts / Fields

12/6/15 - When scheduling multiple games and matches at the same time, you can now force it to only schedule on specific courts / fields. This makes it easy scheduling in block times. At the top of the scheduling window, it will now list All, and have check boxes above the court / field to restrict the scheduling to.

Additional Items Sorting

9/30/15 - On accounting page for director when viewing additional items purchase, now it records a separate date/time when the additional item is added to the entry. Also added is ability to resort each item by participant name, date registered, or date / time added as an additional item.

Video Streaming Link

9/23/15 - Director streaming a live match can add a video link to the match that will appear in the R2 app as an icon to click on. It will go to the link you provide and open an internet window where the live streaming will show. Add streaming links by updating a match, or updating multi matches by the match notes box.

R2 Sports App Released

9/18/15 - The R2 App for Players and Fans is now in app store available for free download. More info on the R2 sports tournament app.

Multi Seeding

7/15/15 - On the divisions and draws page, director has option for selecting all, or specific brackets to quickly pre-seed. If the organizations uses the R2 ranking system, draws pre-seeded directly from rankings. Saves a lot of time when event has hundreds of divisions.

Match History Report

6/12/15 - The media report is now live again to the public! View match results and reports by player, by division, by city, by state, by club, and by school. Get upcoming match times and past results.

Challege Ladder Doubles

5/9/15 - Challenge ladders can now have doubles divisions. Either partner can challenge the other doubles team. Both players on the team get the response and challenge emails and any one of the 4 players can report results.

Registration Doubles Pairing

5/1/15 - As players enter in a tournament or league for an individual sport, director has option to allow player to pick their own partner, the option is always there when logged in as a director. Previous players entered in the same division will be in a drop down menu to select as a partner on entry summary step 3 during the online registration. If the partner hasn’t entered yet, entrant can select Partner not in list / Need Partner. In that case, either the partner can select the registrant while they are entering later, or the director can pair up the teams later.

Directors can use this new feature to pair up people as they are registering instead of having to pair all the players into teams after the registrations are closed. If a partner is unknown at the time of doing the draws, directors can seed a bracket and pair some players up with an unknown partner. Then during registration later, if a player with an unknown partner who is seeded into a draw is selected as a partner, it will automatically add in the new player to the team and update the brackets with the new team name!

Directors control if players have the ability to select their own partner in setup -> set main event info. Find the Select Doubles Partner option and set it to YES. In case a player ignores the warning and selects the wrong doubles partner, directors can click edit partners on the yellow menu when viewing the draw to fix the partners.

In challenge ladders, players can be in the same division with multiple partners. For tournaments and leagues, a player can be in only 1 doubles team per division.

Reseed All Divisions

4/20/15 - Easy way to reseed all divisions that haven't been seeded yet, or divisions where a participant has been added or removed but not yet seeded into the bracket. It will place any new participant in the very last seed.

To get to the new feature, when logged in as a director, go to divs / draws, and there is a new link in the menu to Update Seeding for all Unseeded Divisions.

Next Game / Match Time

The old start times page has changed to the new page which lists the next match time that the participant is in, instead of just listing the first time that is being played. Once a participant no longer has any matches left to play, there will no longer be a time listed.

The next games page looks identical to the old start times page, but also lists times for created divisions.

Multi Round Robins

3/27/15 - Directors can now create round robins with up to 30 repeats. The maximum before this upgrade only went up to a triple round robin. This new update also works with team completion leagues.

To set the number of repeats, go to the division options page after converting the division to round robin.

Split Divisions

3/18/15 - Easy way for directors to assign players in one division to a new created division. Also new way for director to view all participants in a division and reorder by seed, name, belt, weight, or age.

Learn how to split divisions

Coupon Codes

2/1/15 - Create coupon codes to give discounts during registration. Registrant enters coupon code and either a flat discount is applied, or a percent discount off the division fees.

Create coupon codes in the setup section. Either the coupon code can be used or the free coupon option, but both cannot be used together.

Match Report

1/1/2015 - The match report is a convenient way to search matches, set times, and print score cards. Compare results from other events and more.

Learn more about the match report

Create Referee Schedules

7/14/14 - Ability to assign referees/judges to multiple matches by typing their name in a text box. When viewing the grid, click the link to set refs on grid. Quick set option to select a start and end time to assign the same referees to multiple matches on the same court/field within the selected time range.

Live Match Switch Court

7/14/14 - When director switches a match to a live match that is on a different court than the one that corresponds to the slot on the grid, it will swap places on the time grid to line up with the pre-assigned court number.

Multiple Registrations 1 Payment

5/27/14 – During the online registration, both director and registrant has ability to register multiple participants before making a final payment for all the registrations. Director controls option in setup -> set main event info. Set the Register Other Participants Option to Yes.

After online entry summary step 3, there is a payment option for multi registration. Select that option, then search and enter another participant. Add as many teams / competitors as desired before making a payment. Director has final option of different payment types, online registrant forced to pay by credit card.

Accounting section lists transfers and transfer refunds when part of a payment is transferred to another participant's registration. Multi Registration is disabled for online registrations if no payment is required during registration and only work for participants that are currently not registered in the event.

Google Maps Integration

5/14/14 - The Map page on the event website now calculates the longitude and latitude of the main venue by the address and uses those coordinates to center the map. Director may still upload their own map which will show up under the Google map.

Markers are automatically set on the map to the address of the venues and hotels. Scroll over a marker to view the name of the venue / hotel.

Division Restrictions

4/20/14 - Directors can now restrict participants from entering specific divisions based on 4 new restriction types: Max number of division players, restriction by age range, by weight, and by belt rank.

All individual sports are able to use the max number of players and the age restriction option. Weight range restrictions are only available for sports that use weight classes. Belt range restrictions are available only for martial arts.

Learn more about tournament division restrictions.

Results Calculation Upgrade

4/8/14 - The tourney bracket maker results summary, which is created after a tournament or league is completed, has been upgraded to automatically calculate round robin winners and break ties based on games won / lost and points scored / scored against, or will use a points system if selected in the setup. The summary page also now orders divisions based on the division sequence set by the director.

After results have been calculated, directors can customize results by viewing the results and clicking the customize link, or for round robin divisions, going to the draw and clicking update places.

Before activating results for an event, there is now a warning message if: Either some results are still missing, or if a doubles team has a team with an unknown partner.

The page was also optimized to make all the calculations much faster!

Updating Final Places

3/26/14 – For round robin and pool play divisions, when a director clicks Update Places on the yellow menu when viewing the round robin or group play schedule, there are dropdowns to customize the final division place. After clicking save, the final places are then displayed instead of the calculated places. If it is a pool play division with a playoff, the names advance to their positions.

Challenge Down on ladder

3/6/14 - New option for challenge ladders that allows players ranked higher to challenge a lower ranked player. Go to setup -> set defaults for ladder and set Allow Challenge Down to YES.

USAR Insurance Request

3/6/14 USA Racquetball event directors can now submit their insurance request using the pre-populated form. Go to setup -> USAR Insurance Request. Fill in the missing fields save, then click the link to submit request to insurance company.

View Payments Upgrade

3/5/14 - In the event accounting, when you click on any of the payment types, the view payment types list has been optimized to load much faster and can now display up to 1000 records per payment type. This page now works similar to the event check-in list page. It lists the entry summary text string when it is created during the registration instead of recalculating it all of the time. The payment type selected will be bolded in red to easily stand out.

The text based registration string had an error with e-checks that is now fixed. E-checks were not being recorded in the entry string, so they will not show up in the credit card view payment list. However, they will still be include in the total for credit card payments on the account page, and clicking on the R2 Sports fees list will list all the processed transactions.

Event Check-In List Upgrade

3/3/14 - The tournament management check-in page has been optimized and loads much faster now. It no longer recalculates the entry totals as it loads the page. Instead, during the registration when the entry is modified or created, an entry details text string is updated that lists everything that makes up the registration. The balance due is highlighted in red.

School / University Upgrade

2/28/14 - For individual sports, club / venue and school data were mixed together. Now there is a new school / university dropdown in the player’s profile where participants can either select their school from a list, or add their school if it isn’t yet there. In setup -> Set customize event options, there is a YES / NO choice to Require School. If set to YES, participants must provide a school in their profile.

Directors can view list of participants by school in the participants section. Participants can view the new list by schools from the link on the home page, on the footer, or when viewing any other participants list

Software Tournament Media Report upgraded with new school university report type. Allows Grouping by school and can apply a points system to tally points by school.

Round Robin and Pool Printing

2/25/14 – Upgrade to round robin and pool play group schedules so sponsors show up on the printed schedules. Event logo and sport organization logo also show up. Which sponsors and images show up can be controlled by going to Setup -> Set Defaults for Divisions and Draws.

Pool Play Upgrade

2/24/14 – Pool play group optimized to load faster. The group pool play bracket now calculates winners of each group as results are entered so you can see current standings. Breaks ties in matches won by games won minus games lost. If still tied, it uses the total points scored minus total points scored against.

New option in pool play division options to stop the group short of finishing all of its rounds. This is useful if some groups have an odd number of participants and you want them to play the same number of games, or if you want to guarantee only a certain number of matches and no more.

Check-in Options

2/12/14 - New upgrade to Event Check in list that allows director to decide additional items next to the name and amount due. Additional items include T-shirt size, gender, where participant is from, and divisions entered.

New filter options allow director to show only participants checked in or not checked in, or those having a balance due or no balance due.

Additional optimizations were done to make the load time quicker.

Event Participant Lists

2/5/14 - Lists can be created on the tournament website that players can add themselves to and contact other participants on the list.

List types include: Waiting list after registrations are closed, find a doubles partner list, share a hotel room with someone, share a ride to an event, find a ride from the airport, and create a list of people needing to restring their racquet.

Learn more about event participant lists.

Custmized Website Skins

1/20/14 - Option for organizations or manufacturers to get their own skin built for use by directors on their tournament website. Click contact R2spots at the top to request custom skin pricing.

Example skins:
View Ektelon skin
View International Racquetball Tour skin

Pro Qualifer Expanded Draw

1/3/14 - Instead of qualifier draw with different bracket, new option to have one larger draw that is expanded. Options to give some players double or triple byes by skipping certain seed ranges when placing the participants into their bracket position.

Example of same bracket expanded draw.

Match History Upgrade

12/30/13 - Upgrade to the software tournament media reports. Player picture now shows up next to name in all reports except the by division report. The opponents name is now linked to make it easy to go to that player/team's match history. Pie chart graphs indicate the win/loss percentage between the two opponents.

New all history link to view all the players match history in any tournament using R2 Sports.

HTML Content Editor

11/1/13 - Upgraded to new content editor that is supported in all bracket types. Integrated with email system when director composes an email. Also integrated with director home page message. Ability to add multiple images, upload pdf files, and add flash content. Easy to copy and paste from Word!

Fantasy Brackets

10/15/14 - Participants can fill out copies of a draw and make bracket predictions on who they think will win. System automatically keeps points and rank of participants, similar to March Madness brackets in college basketball.

More info on Fantasy Bracket Software

Text Message Players

9/26/13 - Directors can text message players registered in the event. Currently does not work for team sports. Director able to select and filter from list of registered players and send them a short text message. Do this from the setup section, event text messaging must be activated.

Updated Brackets

9/17/13 - Single elimination brackets upgrade. Traces path of winner, runner up, and semi-finalists as they advance through the draw.

Print event logo and sponsors on draw. Decide to print gold sponsors only, gold and silver, or all sponsors. Adjust in setup -> set defaults for divisions.

Training Videos

7/1/13 - Short R2 sports training videos on how to do basic things, like creating brackets and setting times. More videos to come soon!

Round Robin Upgrade

5/11/13 - Round Robin schedule upgrade. Optimized to load faster. Calculates winners as results are entered, breaks ties using the following: Matches won minus matches lost, then for only those still tied, games won minus games lost. If still tied, points scored minus points. scored against.

Scoring Input

5/10/13 - Enter scores as numbers instead of text. Checks to verify scores are input correctly. Defaults to old scoring input for heat draws.

Added Items Min Required

4/18/13 - New option added when creating additional items to purchase during registration: Ability to force participants entering online to have a minimum required quantity of the item, this price is added to the total registraion fee. Directors logged in through the back-end can still select 0 quantity.

Edit By Seed Checking

3/12/13 - When using edit draw by seeding, new javascript error validtaion code added to prevent invalid data for the seed value. Director can no longer enter non numberic values, or a duplcate a seed number. It Also verifies a seed is not missing in the sequence. These checks are all done before the page is submitted, so the draw is not recalculated until the values are fixed, saving page load time!

A Reset All Sees button was added at top which clears all the seeds back to a blank value to make it easy to re-seed a bracket if necessary.

If director doesn't give a seed value to a player, after updating seeding, a seed value will now be assigned. Before it wasn't assigned in Single Elimination draws which created an issue when adding late players. Previously they would be placed somewhere after the last seeded player. This caused participant match-ups to shift around which could cause a change in game times.

Grid Setup for Longer Events

2/4/13 - For events lasting longer than one week, ability to select days of week to play, making it easier to setup time grids.

Optimized the tournament scheduler display page to load faster and only display days that are being used for scheduling.

Setting Times Upgrade

1/25/13 - The page used when scheduling matches for league and tournament draws was upgraded and uses a new and faster method. Select Date / Location, then click on the clock icon located on the grid to schedule times. When scheduling a single match, select court / field to be played. Click on the row next to the time when scheduling multiple matches to begin scheduling the group of games.

Page also better optimized to load faster. Now tracks all drop down, consolation, qualifier, and playoff divisions so you can see potential time conflicts when scheduling. New color codes added to make it easier to see conflicts including: Where matches are dropping from and to, other matches in same round, and possible conflicts. The new color codes make it even easier to for tournament and league directors to schedule a conflict free event!

This upgrade also prevents director from accidentally scheduling a match in the wrong round order. For example, a consolation match has to wait on the loser from two different matches, so the system will not let you schedule the consolation match before the main bracket game.

Fix Max Entry Overflow

11/15/12 - When event director sets a max participant limit, previously it checked for limit when player first logs in to register. If several people logged in while the an entry was in the process of being completed, it would allow all of them to register.

A fix was applied and now it checks both after the entry summary step and after payment is entered. If the max limit has just been reached, the entry is stopped and a warning message appears indicating the registration cannot be completed.

Email Blast System Upgrade

11/9/12 - Currently availalbe for individual sports only. Ability to customize the recipients list and select up to two neighboring states in each direction to send the email blast to. Directors can use the quick selection option to email participants in specific divisions. Past emails are archived so director can review them at a later date.

Approval system - After composing the email, it is verified by an approver that it doesn't have anything offending in the content. Once approved it is sent out on in an auto-task.

Player Tracking

8/23/12 - Players, family, and friends can track participants in the tournament. From the tournament website, users go to the media page and select which players that they want to track throughout the event. When the director selects the winner and enters the scores, an instant text message notification of the results will be sent out to everyone who is tracking the players in the match.

To activate this option, go to setup -> Set Main Info, and select YES to run live event. For events with an online fee, this option is free for all players who entered the tournament online. For events that have a per player fee, it is free to all registered participants of the event. Once start times or draws have been released, users can begin selecting who they would like to track.

Director Text Notifications

8/23/12 - When players haven’t yet checked into their match 30 minutes early, tournament staff can send them a friendly text message reminder that it is time to check-in. When your match has been assigned to a court, sometimes you are not right around the desk area and you may not hear your name called. To help with this, you will also receive a text message letting you know which court the match was assigned to. This option is free to everyone registered in the event. When players haven’t yet checked into their match, the tournament staff can send them a friendly text message reminder that it is time to check-in. This option has to be activated in the setup section where the default message that is sent out can be modified. When this feature is activated, on the time grid, there is a “Send Text” link on each row that sends the text notification to all players who have yet to check-in that have a match scheduled during that time period.

Another option allows text messages to be automatically sent to the players when their match is ready to play. The notification will let them know which club and court number that their match has been assigned to.

Modify these options in setup -> set payments and fees, in the Optional upgrades section. Text messaging is not yet available for team sports.

Ref Scorecard / Scoreboard

8/22/12 - New App allows Referees to use their smart phone or tablet as a scorecard instead of marking the paper scorecard with a pencil. When you are given the printed scorecard for the match by the tournament desk staff, there will be a match ID at the top. Go to http://scorecard.r2sports.com, and enter the match ID. This will pull up the match information on your device and you will be able to keep the scores, time outs, and side outs through this new app.

Each time the score is updated by the tournament staff, a live scoreboard will be updated within a few seconds to show current live scores. Directors can control how many matches are displayed and if they want to feature a specific court.

SSL Security Enhancements

8/18/12 - Participants registering online now login on a secure encrypted https page before entering their profile information. Before only the credit card payment was encrypted.

Directors using the event software and administrators using the membership system login on an encrypted page and stay on https pages until they logout.

Event Statistics With Charts

5/9/12 - Stats page for event directors now has charts to display the data. View pie graphs for number of participants entered in 1, 2 or 3+ divisions, registrations by gender, entry methods, and T-shirt sizes. See a line graph for number of entries each day leading up to the start day of the event. Compare past events to see if you are on track to getting the same number of participants.

Triple Round Robin

5/8/12 - Round robin schedule that repeats itself in the same order three different times. Ideal for leagues, seasons, and tournament divisions with a very small number of players / teams.

Contact Event Director

5/7/12 - We made it easier for participants to find the director's contact information and eliminate confusion if they are contacting the software support or need to contact the event director. There is a contact director landing page that lists their name, phone number, and email. There are links to it from the event home page, info page, and a button on the top navigation bar.

View and Set Matches Fix

5/1/2012 - When the director goes to Times -> View and set Matches, the bug was fixed that was incorrectly listing starting time conflicts for the players / teams. When clicking on View Scheduled or Unscheduled, heading information is no longer listed if no matches are in the report. Also correctly shows or hides 3rd place matches in single elimination brackets.

Challenge Ladder System

4/24/12 - The R2 sports ladder challenge software allows players in individual sports to make challenges against higher ranked opponents and report results through the ladder website. Once the director selects the options and rules, the software automatically updates ladder rankings after each challenge. View challenge ladder screen shots.

Participant Reports Results

2/28/12 - Option for players and teams to report their own results instead of the director having to update them. Brackets are updated after results are entered. When option is enabled, a new Reporting tab will be on the event site navigation bar. Participants login after competing to enter scores and select the winner. Intended to be used mostly for leagues and seasons but can also be used in some circumstances for tournaments. Select this option in setup -> Set defaults for division and brackets, in the division defaults section.

Customize Multi Playoffs

2/20/12 - In pool play divisions with multiple playoff brackets, directors can customize each bracket. Click the edit draw on draw link under the bracket title to make modifications.

Option for Ad Free Event Site

1/22/12 - Directors have a new option to hide all google type ads throughout the event website. Hide ads by seleciting the option in setup -> set payments and fees.

Broadcast Your Event

1/21/12 - Partnered with EnetLive to provide directors the ability to have live streaming sports video online from their event. Players and fans can watch in real time on the embedded video player while they follow scores and recent results.

Featured Event Option

1/19/12 - Directors can feature their event on the R2sports home page to make theevent stand out from the others. Feature an event by selecting the option in setup -> Set payments and fees.

New website Went Live

1/7/12 - We redesigned our website to make it easier for players to find events. Directors can view software screenshots and get information on supported bracket formats

Optimize Combining Divisions

8/7/11 - When you have smaller divisions that you want to combined into 1 division, the coding has been optimized to be faster and more efficient.

Optimize Converting Brackets

8/5/11 - When converting to different bracket format, the calculations are quicker and the load time should be more than half of what it was before.

Qualifier Brackets

8/1/11 - New qualifying draw format. Qualifying draw stops at the specified round. Participants making it to the qualifier spots advance to the main draw and compete for the championship. Main draw can be converted to any format.

Pool Play Playoff Options

7/19/11 - Option to select number of playoff brackets. Instead of some or all players going to 1 playoff bracket, you can split them into different playoff brackets. Example: All the group 2nd place finishers can go to their own playoff bracket.

Multi Language Translator

7/15/11 - Added the google translator to the top heading on all the event website pages. Allows the site to be changed to more than 50+ languages.

Bracket Creation Optimization

7/10/11 - Redesigned the draw calculations page to make more efficient and faster. It is now optimized and works about 5 times faster than before!

Event Accounting Fix

6/22/11 - Accounting section was losing track of players that entered with a payment and then were removed without refund. Added new item in accounting called Removed Particpant NO Refund, and it shows up when only when necessary.

Choose Date of First Check

6/20/2011 - When director chooses R2sports to process credit cards for event registrations, there is a new option to select when first check is mailed out.

Login Security Upgrade

6/15/11 - Made passwords case sensitive with strength meter. Passwords must be medium strength or greater. R2sports staff can no longer view passwords. Instead, passwords must be reset. Secret answer to selected question added in case user forgets login info and does not have access to email.

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