Fantasy Bracket Software

Software for March Madness style pick em bracket predictions. Easy to setup for director.

Participants can register online and make a payment through pay pal. Then make their bracket picks. Works for all sport types!

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Fantasy Software Settings

The setup wizard will guide the director through all the setup options. Select the registration deadlines, pricing for each bracket pick, when players can begin making their bracket predictions, and more.

Fantasy software can be used for both individual sports like tennis / racquetball, or team sports, like college basketball brackets. Ability to either NOT require payment during registration, or accept pay pal for payments.

Create Points System for Bracket Picks

Set a points system based on how far a player or team advances in the real bracket compared to if the participant made the correct bracket predictions for winners.

Link to Main Bracket in another Tournament on R2sports

Main bracket must be in a real tournament using the R2 Software tournament system. This must be setup first and draws created before fantasy event can be created. As the director update scores, fantasy bracket rankings are updated in real time and recalculated automatically.

Participant Selects How Many Bracket Picks

Integrated with the R2 sports online registration system. Online registrants choose the bracket picks that they would like, then pay if the director is charging a fee. Different pricing can be used for the different basketball bracket picks, with ability to give discounts for multiple picks.

View Fantasy Participants and their Selections

After a player registers in the fantasy event, they will be added to the participants list. Once the time period is over where participants can make changes to their bracket predictions, other people can view each participants basketball bracket picks.

Make Selections for your Best Bracket Picks

Participants start making their bracket predictions. They will fill out all of their bracket predictions by selecting the winners of each round in the bracket.

Winner Selections

Select a winner for each game / match. After selecting each round of winners, new games / matches will appear. Continue until all games / matches have been selected, then view the final bracket picks.

Current Ranking Leaders

Page automatically updated with participants current ranking, ordered with the winners at the top. It will also list their current point total, show a picture if they upload one during registration, and will allow other users of the site to view their bracket selections.

View Pick Results

Fantasy Draw Selections are color coded to easily tell if the selection was correct or not. Green is good, red is not. Once the event begins and the director updates results, the fantasy software will automatically update the bracket selection pages.

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