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The R2 Sports Fantasy Software works for all sports including both team sports like college basketball brackets, or an individual sports, like a tennis or racquetball bracket.

Click here for screen shots and full features of the online fantasy bracket software.

The director sets up the event and choose different options such as the registration deadlines, the deadline for making bracket picks, and the points system that will be used to determine winners.

Participants can enter online and make a payment through pay pal, then go through and fill out the bracket picks.

The fantasy software works for 1 division and links to a separate division in an event using the R2 sports tournament software. Each time a director in the real tournament updates a result, the fantasy ranking results are recalculated in real time.

Below lists the pricing for the R2 Sports Fantasy Software:
1) $10 fee paid up front to activate the fantasy event
2) Director pays $1 per registrant after the event has completed.
3) Additional option to use pay pal to take payments. R2 / Pay Pal gateway fee: $0.12 per transaction plus pay pal charges.




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