Bracket Formats

The R2sports event management software supports multiple draw type formats

Brackets that can be used for tournaments, leagues, and seasons include:

Elimination Brackets with consolation options supporting up to 256 participants, Round Robins with different display options up to 16 competitors, Pool Play divisions up to 160 competitors in 10 different groups, and Heats with up to 200 competitors.

R2sports Screen Shots: Round Robin

Triple Round Robin Scheduler

The triple round robin is a bracket format where the same round robin schedule repeats itself three different times. The end result is that each participant in the division will end up playing every other player three separate times.

The triple round robin scheduler produces the bracket in two different formats for printing and viewing. One option that is seen here is the layout by round which is more commonly used in tournaments. The other format lists the round robin brackets by player / team, making it easier to follow for leagues and seasons.


In small divisions with 3-4 participants, directors may want to give more play time to the competitors, especially in a league or season extending over several months. If not enough teams are entered, the triple round robin scheduler extends their play time.


Teams that are beaten badly have to face the winning team two additional times, which could become frustrating to a lower skilled opponent. There are also many matches that have to be played since everyone plays each other three times. Even with 5 or 6 division entrants the number of matches needed to play becomes very large.