Tournament Software Screenshots

View screen shots for tournament setup, registered participants, brackets, match times and final results. The R2sports league application has the same features as the tournament software.

The R2sports software tournament application and league manager tool are online web applications that are easy to use. Save hours of time creating draws and setting game times. No need to download and install anything on your computer. Use the software on any pc or smart phone with internet access. Multiple directors can be logged in at the same time. Players and fans can enter and get all of the tourney info from one website.

R2sports Screen Shots: Setup

Make a Tournament Message

Use the built in content manager to add and modify the tournament message that is displayed on the registration website home page.

The tournament message can contain links to other pages and has features that allow the director to bold text, change text sizing and color.

Directors can also insert HTML as the tournament message to have more control over the look and feel of their home page.

Link references to images on another website can also be embedded in the html coding to make them display in the tournament message.