Membership System Screen Shots

The R2sports membership software helps an organization manage its users.

Groups can be created and users linked to specific groups. An administrator can use the email generator tool to communicate with all the users in a group. Users can join or renew their membership online by making selections from the shopping cart. Approved directors can also pay their sanctioning fees through the membership website.

All payment transactions are recorded in the activity history and reports can be generated for each user. Easily update user data and search user records. Generate reports and export them to excel or an access database.

R2sports Screen Shots: Online Testing

Member Testing Software

Users and members can take online test to test their knowledge in a specific subject. Administrators can create and modify tests on the member software setup page.

The question number and test title is listed at the top. The question can be created along with the multiple choice answers to choose from. An image can also be uploaded for each question if it involves looking at a picture.

When the answer chosen is incorrect, it will show the correct answer so the test taker can learn from their mistake. It can also list an additional explanation to the answer if one is provided.

After an answer is selected, the user clicks the link at the bottom of the scrren to go to the next question. When the test is completed, it will let the user know if they pass or fail the online test.

Successfully passing a test can automatically add users to member system groups. Group administrators can communicate with all the users within the group.

Create a template membership diploma for users to print to show proof of passing a final test and achieving a certification.

Tests can also be set where you must pass a first test before taking the next test. The member testing software gives you the ability to create a series of tests.